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Buttons spends most of his day kneading me and sucking my clothes!!!
Anybody elses cats do this?
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Mi-ke does it, yeah, but only at certain times--basically, when I'm in my nightshirt.
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yes one of my 3 cats does it....he only does it at certain times and on certain things...he used to do it a lot but has cut down now ...which is good coz i was ending up with soggy blankets and sheets and clothes LOL

i think its a comfort thing for them
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Yes. Two of my 11 do, everytime they go on my lap.
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You mean there are cats that do not do this? Well, in my experience, I have had 7 female cats and they have all done this. My present male however does not ever do this. I suppose this is just a coincidence but this is my experience.
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Diesel likes to burrow under my chin and knead and drool all over me.
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Pekoe sucks on my ear. Every. Single. Morning.

And makes my hair all wet and nasty. I've taken to showering in the mornings instead of before bed because of him.

Well actually we're working on this little habit and he doesn't do it nearly so often, but still wants to soooo badly. Poor little critter, I just can't have him waking me up all the time to suck on me for hours.
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My sisters tuxedo twins suckle on clothing, they were taken from their mum too soon at 5 weeks (the lady wouldn't keep them any longer )
Seems to be a comfort thing.
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My cat Hemmy does that. He has a favorite pillow (it's one of those faux-fur things) that he kneads on. When he really gets going he lowers his chest and half closes his eyes. He purrs so loud he's woken me up. The whole process looks entirely inappropriate. So much so that even the other cats look at him like he's sick!
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My miles does it. I bottle fed/raised him and thats probably why. He sucks on buttons on my shirt and is constantly licking my face.
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My cat does that too. I have had soo many cats growing up and this one is the first cat thats ever done that. I thought mine was the only one. Anyone know how to stop this by any chance. I love my cat so much but he likes to suck on my pillow right by my head when i am trying to sleep and it either keeps me awake or wakes me up if i have allready been sleeping.
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All four of my past cats and my landlady's cat do this. I never knew there were cats that didn't.
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my Marsh loves to knead and he drools too he didn't start until he was 3 years old, and really got into the habit when I moved. He's now 3 and 1/2 and does it at least 5 times a day.
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