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~New Cat Owner....Think She is Pregnant...and few more Q's~

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~Hello and thanks for having me on your board.~

~I took in a stray friendly kitten on Feb 18th this year. She looked to be very young 4-6 months old. Very slender and skinny but very friendly considering the neighborhood she was in. She was ate up with fleas etc. I got her all taken care of, wormed, bathed, flea meds etc. She was a very thin cat so she has been eating pretty good since we have had her. She hasnt shown any signs of heat and I had just assumed she was too young. Ive done rescue work with DOGS for the last seven years but I have never owned a cat until now. She has started developing a belly and her nipples are bright pink. She is mainly white so you can see pretty good. She eats and sleeps all day now. If you put your hand on her tummy you can feel movement and see little lumps not up and move around. My question isnt is she pregnant but how far along would she be if she is having all these signs and symptoms.~

~Also only a week ago I took in another cat that looks VERY similiar to her in coloring. There are ALOT of stray cats in my area. I brought him in, he is VERY SMALL not skinny just small. About the size of a 3 month old kitten yet my vet said he is older at least 8-9 months. Why would he be so small and he hasnt grown any since we have had him. Is there a reason his growth is stunted? These are my only 2 cats and I have a little Yorkie that adores them both. Im just concerned about the males size and when I need to prepare the female for giving birth. What exactly does she need? Will she use a whelping box? Will she need me there in case of problems or do cats usually like to be left alone when having their babies. How many do I need to expect? Any basic info on cat birthing would be great. Here is pics of my kittys~

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Here is a few new pics taken of my 2. Also how can you tell the different in a male/female cat? I cant really see much difference in my 2 cats but I was told the youngest is a male but I dont believe it. he looks just like my female as far as that goes.

Here is pics of No No's Belly and of the little guy/girl Oreo.

I know it sounds nasty but does anybody have any diagrams or pictures of how to tell what sex a cat is?
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They are two beautiful cats! And it is lovely that your Yorkie has taken to them. As far as birthing goes, there are lots of threads here on which you can find information. But prepare a couple of large boxes or laundry baskets with towels or old sheets and put them in different palces like closets or quiet corners, so that she can choose a good spot. Try to avoid her deciding to have them under the bed or somewhere you can't get at them if necessary. She will start nesting and looking for a place a week or two before she is ready. She will lose the mucous plug a few days before, and her milk will come in, though this can be anywhere from a week to just before the birth. Some cats like you to be there all through, some prefer quiet and peace - most cats handle it all very competently themselves, but you do need to be aware in case she needs help. Make sure you have an emergency vet number handy in case a kitten gets stuck or something. And it is a good idea to buy some kitten milk and a feeding syringe just in case she can't or won't feed the kittens for any reason. She is very young to be a mother and may not get the hang of it at once. Once she has the kittens do not let her out for any reason - she could get pregnant again within days of giving birth.

One other thing - if your boy is not neutered, then he could impregnate her almost as soon as she has the kittens, and a male is still fertile for up to a month after neutering. He could also turn aggressive and hurt the kittens - this is just instinct so keep them separated.

On sexing, a female cat looks like an exclamation mark, a male like two dots. Though if your male is really 8/9 months old then you should be able to see his testes as two little lumps. If you are still not sure then take some pix C/U - we have had it before on this board! We can all then give our opinion.
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If the male is old enough ya can feel he is male if ya know what I mean Also if you found this forum go back to the main part and there is tons of stuff on pregnant cats but we are all here to help also so feel free to ask.. I think You have a pregnant Oreo lol a double stuffed. I love the nap she takes
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I love the picture with the Yorkie licking the cats ear
What a cute bunch of fur!
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~Oreo the white and black cat that I was told is a male Im pretty sure the vet made a mistake and he is actually a she. Oreo is VERY small for his/her age of 7-8 months but there are no testicles that I can see/feel. His/Her bottom looks exactly like No No the other white cat that is pregnant. So I think I have 2 girls not a boy and a girl. No No is definatly acting alot different last few weeks. Sleeping all the time, eating and being very affectionate. She is constantly rubbing against somebody or something. She also has gotten alittle frisky. When you rub her belly or play with her she has been scratching and biting (nipping) which she has never done. Might be another symptom of her pregnancy. My worry is I know she is pregnant I just would like a better idea of when to expect the babies so I can be prepared. She does have a favorite place to sleep lately and its in one of our cat tree's "rooms" its contained on 4 sides with a square door in the front. I know she likes this spot but it is on the second level of the cat tree. Ill start putting baskets around with towels to see if she will use them. we also have dog beds laying around that she tends to get into with Abby the Yorkie.

Abby adores the kittys. She kisses them and licks their faces. They play and run and then flop out in the dog bed and nap together. She will be so excited to have babies around the house. When I brought Oreo home she tried t mother him. Im sure she will be very protective of the babies too but I dout No No will let her close to them.

Is there any reason Oreo would be so small at 8 months old? Doesnt he look small for his age? He is about 8-9 inches tall.
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just run your hand back there, if it is a male you will feel a definate sac/bulge, if not then there won't be anything.
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Wow a vet scred up on it I would call the vet and say hay I have a girl not a boy... Can ya not tell.. NO NO dont do that I am just hormonal
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I did call to inform the vet and he said a many people makes mistakes when it comes to sexing cats. Said it wasnt his first time making that mistake haha. He see's ALOT of animals and he said he had just really glanced at Oreo because one of the vet techs had already written down that Oreo was a male on his paperwork so therefore he wasnt looking really well to sex him because he already though we knew what Oreo was. Honest mistake. Cats are alittle deceiving especially since Oreo is so small at almost a year old. I thought maybe he was part munchkin cat because there are a few of them running around here. Shoot there I go calling her HIM still. We have been used to saying "Come Here Boy" so its going to be hard seeing HIM as a HER now. I just looked again really close. Im trying to get a picture to show you but she is white with a black spot on her bottom so it makes it hard to show in a picture. This picture Im attaching is her laying on her BACK me holding her feet up so everything is upside down in the picture. Let me know what you think IF you an even tell. She has a SLIT instead of a round spot so Im assuming she is a SHE.

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How do I add a signature so that it shows up with every post? I seen on EDIT PROFILE where you turn them off and on but where do you put the codes at so they always show up?

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go to edit signature on there should be a message type thing to type in , you put your code there and it will then come up everytime you post. i wouldnt like to say if he is a she or she is a he lol but if she has a slit i would say female.
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Looks female to me!
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You cats are adorable!!
And i also think they Oreo is a girl
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Here is a link that will help you determine if Oreo is a girl or a boy....
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I guess I lost track here I thought it was confirmed she was a she LOL. I mean that Oreo was a girl LOL. Prego brain here majorly lol
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Looks like a girl to me too......That siggy u have is great.. bringing sexy back I absolutley love it...
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I like the Easter Bunny Loves Hot Chicks lol
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I love your signature. Really cute, and that justin timberlake song is one of my favorites, and everyone thinks i'm crazy becuse of that! Did you make it yourself?
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Yes I did make it myself. If you dont know how but have a picture you want made let me know I would be more than happy to "Bling" up a few pics for anybody on the board.

I hear you completely on the song it was stuck in my head for WEEKS and only now is it gone because another song has taken its place lol
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I dont hear a song have I gone deaf lol
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I was just wondering how long after you posted your post enquiring about how far along your cat did she have her kittens.
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It looks like the kittens were born a little over a week after she posted.
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I would strongly advise you switch vets...
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Please please get these cats neutered. You can get the pregnant female spayed now. Please don't bring anymore cats into the world.
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Hey guys, this thread is about eight months old... I'm pretty sure that the OP has either taken care of the vet situation or forgiven the vet for it, and has probably had the cats spayed by now
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