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My can sleeps on his back

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I adopted a 4-year-old male (DSH) a few months ago. Many times he will lie down on his back and nap. His tummy is exposed and his front paws are curled up like a schmoo. He does NOT like his tummy rubbed, though, so I don't think this behavior is asking for that kind of affection. I do wonder if lying on his back helps his digestion or something like that.

Does anyone else's pet cat do this? Should I worry about it?
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Don't worry, your cat is perfectly normal. My cat Sampson always sleeps on his back with his arms and legs sprawled out. I don't think it's anymore than a comfort thing.
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My Dad's cat Wanda (now over the Bridge ) had been abused by her previous owner, and had hip and back problems. Wanda rarely slept on her stomach or side-it was always on her back with her front paws curled up on her chest and her back legs spread open. My brother used to call it her "slut" pose
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A cat sleeping on it's back is showing it's trust in you. Basically this is the most vulnarable position for a cat. If it sleeps on it's back it is happy, comfortable and in charge.
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My kitty kat Socks is 7 months, and she often sleeps on her back! It's not unusual for me to wake up at night and find that she is sleeping right next to me, on her back with her head on my shoulder! Sometimes she even reaches her little paw up to my face! Awwwww!
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Barney sleeps on his back with his arms and legs stretched out which would be ok except he does it at the end of our bed and it doesn't leave a lot of room for my husband and I to stretch out! Mind you, it is preferable to sharing my pillow with him because he throws his arms over my face and it doesn't matter how many times I move him, he will come back to that position! Not to mention his whiskers poking up my nostrils! Nasty!
Diann in Australia
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I agree with Yola... a cat sleeping on its back is displaying complete trust. Don't worry about it, my cat does the same thing and often sleeps in strange positions
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