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I give up !

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I have been trying to find posts by Loretta(RedHeadHon) I give up. The search for members recent posts has been driving me "CRAZY" for the last 20 or 30 minutes. I can't get the F'ing thing to work. . .. .. .all I want to know is IS NOMAR OKAY ??? Does anyone know (?) anything I got an e-mail from Loretta that he was very sick and I e-mailed her back to let me know how he was but I have heard NOTHING. ... . .I came on here to see if she had posted about him, but I can't get the D@#% search to find any posts by her. Does anyone know? She is prone to get really upset if anything is happening to her furboy. . .(as we would all be) PLEASE post if you know anything. Anything at all !

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TLK, Redheadhon doenst' post here anymore. I haven't seen anything from her from quite some time, probably at least 4 or 5 months now.

Perhaps try the Cat Arena, from what I remember she was a member there also, and was actively posting when I used to go there months ago.

Good luck.
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she hasn't posted anything here about her cat.

on an unrelated note....miss you!
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Darlene - I have heard form Loretta and Nomar has been very ill. He has good and bad days, but last I heard was a little better. Loretta has been very upset by this as we all would. I will write to her and tell her you have been concerned!
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Deb, tell her I will say a prayer for Nomar....I hope he is doing better now!!!!!!
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Debra; Thank you so much for the information. Please, tell Loretta that I am praying for Nomar. Do they know what is wrong with him? I don't understand why she won't let me know anything about his condition. I will keep her in my thoughts. :angel2:

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