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New Cat

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Okay, 1st off, I hope this is the right place for this. There didn't look like there was a 'specific' place.

I went over back to my mom's house to grab some stuff. And of course I wanted to see all my animals. Especially my kitties. Anyway I got another barn cat!!! It was a suprise I walked into the barn and the cat carier was there and I couldn't figure out why, since its usually in the house. And there wasnt' a cat in it, so I didnt know why it was there. So i was calling for kalli, and she wasn't in the barn she must have been out in the pasture playing with the horse. So i went and asked my mom about the cat carrier, and she said that we got another cat. Unfortunetly I had to back to my dads asap, so I didn't get a chance to see him or Kalli for that matter.

He is a black and white cat, and he is nuertered and UTD on his shots. I haven't decided what to name him, since I have to seen him first, and I don't know what his name is. By the way hes like 2 or 3 years old.

We actually got him from the vet. He called them and told them that ther was a cat here that needed a home or he would be pput to sleep. He had known that we just got a new place, so he thought we might want another barn cat. Even though I think this cat was a house cat that had access to the outside. So they went and got him. The story is that an old lady broght him to the vet saying that she wanted him to be put to sleep. The vet was apalled and so was I. There was absoultely nothing wrong with this cat, I mean he had all of his vetwork done and everything. And he is very friendly. I guess she just didn't want to take care of him, or wanted him dead or soemthing. I have no idea.But I think that thats sad, that anyone could do that. (I just dont' understand) The vet didnt' want to do it of course so he told her that he would find a home for him and that he wouldn't charge anything. So she said yes, and left.

And thats how we came into possesion of him. I'll take pictures when I go back tomy moms if i can find my digital camera AND its cord I loose everything.
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glad you saved the cat,
and find your camera
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Post some pictures when you get a chance...
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So glad you are able to give this new discarded kitty a home.
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what a mean old lady and a very nice & understanding vet.

Im happy that the baby got a nice home.
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I'm glad they saved him and that you have a new kitty.
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So glad you saved this guy from being pts. That's just awful that she would do that for no reason.

Can't wait to see pictures!
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Yeah its very sad.

Anyone have any name suggestions?
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Is he a tuxedo cat? I've always liked Oreo for black and white kitties. But my tuxie is named Lily, but that's her personality.

I'm so glad you saved him! Looking forward to pics.
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Yeah I was thinking Oreo too. But my friends hamster just died and she had the thing for five years and she was seriousely attached to it. (I mean its just a hamster but... shes acting like its her mother) When it died they went out and bought Oreos to greive for it. So now everytime we eat Oreos she gets a sad look on her face. Though she deneis it. Kinda of pathetic actually.. I never really liked that thing. Not a big fan of Teddy bear hamsters.
But thats the story on why I don't know whether or not I should use that name...
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