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Third Interview Today!!

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I have my third interview at Zellers today. It sounds like I am going to get the job. My first interview was a phone one and then I went on Saturday for the second interview, today is the third and if this goes well then I will have my final one next week. I really hope I get the job. I need the money really bad. I have bills due and no money to pay them.
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Oh I will keep my fingers crossed for you! Sounds like if you have a third interview, then things are looking pretty good! What kind of company is Zellers? It sounds familiar!
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Zellers is a store just like Wal Mart. I know its nothing exciting, but at least its a job. It will be my first time not working with food. All of my jobs have been either in restaurants, fast food or in a factory that makes frozen foods.
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Sending major get the job vibes for you{{{{}}}} I have a good feeling!! Three interviews is a pretty good sign..they wouldn't have you there so many times if they didn't like you
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You go get 'em girlie! Third time's a charm they say!

Good luck!
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Good luck and it sounds promising!!! Kitters and I are sending you HUGE GET THE JOB VIBES!!!!
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My boyfriend knows the people at Zellers and he was just talking to the lady that interviewed me on Saturday and apparently she really liked me. She just said I am quiet, which I am until I know someone.
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Sending you MANY get the job vibes!!!
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No offence meant but I can't believe it takes 4 interviews to get into Zellers. It only takes 2 to get a job where I work. I am begining to think our standards are a bit lax.

Definate congratulations I think your in if you made it to a 4th interview.
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I know, its so weird that it takes 4 interviews. It went well today. The last lady is going to call me next week (shes on Holidays right now) and apparently if you get this far, you will more than likely get hired.
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Sending you get the job vibes too!!
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)))))))))))))))))))))))) ((((((((((((((((((((((((
Good vibes on the way!.
donĀ“t get nervous!!!
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