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The Goodlife Recipe

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I was wondering if anyone knew anything about the Goodlife Recipe for cats. I find it weird that I can not find a straight up ingredients list anywhere. Does anyone know what is in this food. I am not planning on feeding it to my cat because I love the food he is on but I was just curious about this new food that claims to be so good. Thanks.
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It is slightly better for grocery like it has chn meal and br rice... BUT the first ingrediant s are corn and chn or poultry by products...
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Also, the kibble is colored...red, yellow, & green if I remember right. Caused lotsa digestive upsets & pretty interesting colored poop among cats & dogs at the shelter. IMO, you're better off buying Purina ONE, it's the same price as Goodlife here & much better!
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Gen the more avertizing a product has the worse it is for your pet. A busniess has only a curtain amount of cash they can spend it on the food or on lieing about the food.
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I bought a bag of that 1 time, cause they were out of what I usually buy my guys.. They didnt seem to like it.. Right now Im sticking to Purina 1 indoor, all 6 of mine eat it. I do have to give 2 of the 6 cranberry capsules do to the fact they seem to get a lot of UTI's, but no problems.
Stay away from anything that list the first ingredents as CORN...
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i like their commercials. the food isn't great though. i looked at the ingredients in target when they first put it out.
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