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Skittles kid is pregnant

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Ok I am so floored at this and am getting a hold of the mobil vet who fixed them all. But Shanna my sister took snickers (AKA now preciouse to get her shots. She is 2 months late due to a death in family and a big move. Well she took her in and told the vet she was cuting her food down because she was getting heavy and asked if that was natural since she was spayed in July she was fine but now even taking food away she still looks big. The vet said she is pregnant and thinks 3 kittens. My sister freaked out and is now tol by the end of April. So Snickers is now a inside only cat FOREVER and she will be fixed 8 weeks after the babies are born the vet is really nice and is doing it for 50.00 because my sister has gone to him for over 15 years and She has paid her share of the fees LOL. Which is really nice but now I wonder about Skittles other kittens. This worries me and pisses me off. RIght now I can not let it get me to upset for Baby Abby sake. My sister and the vet are talking about a c-section for her and going ahead and fixing her then if they can pin point a DD for her.

My sister told me if I want the kittens I can have them all but 1 lol. SO the plan is to drive to CA when they are 12 weeks old and I will get all of them and I might keep one of 2. The vet feels there is 3 in there. That would cover them all. If there is more I will bring them up here get them fixed and I will find homes for them. I feel so bad and am upset because I told my sister she was Spayed I have the copy of her paper work she has the original. But life goes on. Looks like Skittles will be a grandma. Shanna said she is 5-6 weeks along. Otherwise she would of gotten her spayed again.

? Does that make me a bad person for not looking at the stitches or the spay markes when she was fixed. I mean I wasnt able to look at it all because I was squemish the day after the spay she was on the way to CA I am feeling so bad.
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i would have words witht the vet that so called spayed her !!!!!!!!!
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You mean the vet's told you she was spayed and she wasn't?

Go ask for a refund!! That's some serious fraud going on there.
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It was a low cost mobile vet trying to find the ladys name who helped me get them done right now am not going nuts because it would add stress. It is what it is now time to make it right My sister did say the vet will give her a c-section and fix her on the table. I guess the price was fair and all in agreement. He will call her back with a date and time for the c-secton and xray the day before so far it is all working out not to worried true more kittens but I could not prevent it. Looks like me and Tasha are in same boat I wonder if the vets where related lol.
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I had 8 catz and there was like over 1000 cats there to be done that morning I only paid 98.00 for 8 kittens an Skittles to be fixed I did get my money worth but tomorrow Taffy and Runtz will be checked I am sure they are done because at there shots appt am sure Runtz would of been prego and I can tell Taffy was done LOL. Mine are all inside cats. Thank goodness.
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i was just thinking that , what are the chances eh? well im glad to hear your keeping your stress levels down. i to am not so mad now, just disserpointed.
i hope your ok , and hope that skittles baby has a safe and healthy delivery . and we want pictures as skittles litter was amazing lol , lets hope that she dosnt put your sister through what you went through lol
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i would get ahold of that vet ... and I might if you can have all of Skittles little ones checked ... if on spay wasnt done right who knows...
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no, you wouldn't have known even if there were sticthes, no way to tell, because you can't see internally. But, you shouldn't feel bad, you should have a few words with the vet that supposely spayed her. But if it is mobile, then, that puts ya in a sticky situation.. But, what is done, is done. Your sister will have Skittle's baby spayed. After the kittens are weaned. And she is in good hands. everything will turn out fine.
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What an outrageous thing to happen! Unfortunately it's not the first time something like this has happened and alas it probably won't be the last. I know there is another member faced with a pregnant kitty at the moment due to a complete up at the vets, and I recall someone was in a similar situation last year too if I remember correctly where their cat had been opened up and the incision closed but the spay wasn't done at all.

This is NOT your fault at all. Did you think you'd gotten them all fixed before they were rehomed? If so, if I were you I'd contact the people who adopted Skittles's other kittens if you can and warn them that since the vet up with one of her kittens, their kitties may not have been done either and to get it checked

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I'm not sure if you recall this or not, but one of our other members experienced a similar situation with her kitty which had been "spayed". (Alycia- dixie_darlin). You both did the responsible thing by taking your kitties to be spayed/neutered- this was NOT your fault! It was the "vets" fault that did not do their job and ripped you off. I am soo sorry this has happened But even though this has happened....I will say- i can't think of a better person to love and care for those kittens when they get here than you and your family. I am sorry this has happened to you. At this point- if the "low cost vet" spayed/neutered all of your kitties- you need to have someone take them to the vet and i hate to say it, but eithor have an ultrasound or have them opened up to see if in fact they did remove all reproductive organs/tissues. You can not tell from a scar on their belly- the vet could have simply cut the kitty open, not taken anything out, and stiched her back up I applaud you for keeping your kitties indoors only- that really is the best option for them
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Skittles is going to ge a grandma?! I hope all goes well with the birth.

However, it is shocking to hear that Snickers' spay didnt go to plan. That is serious fraud!

I was also shocked to read Epona's comment about someone's cat who was opened up, but wasnt spayed at all! That is awful. Is there an official independent body that regulates vets?
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that is Very similar to tashas problem. what is happening to the vets these days??? jeez.
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Gosh, did not know that could happen!!

Awwww poor you, you must be so angry at the vets.

Well, lets hope the pregnancy goes well and kittens are all ok.


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Can a vet tell if it's been done without opening them back up? X-rays maybe?
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Am not sure but Runts has never had a heat and Taffy doesnt try to hump or anything not even spray they will be 1 soon. I think am safe
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This is the type of story you want to make the local news aware of. That would be one very public way to make sure that this vet knows he/she is not getting away with this without some consequences (and egg on his/her face).

for the little lady!
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Wow!! I would report that vet! He's probably done the same thing to other families!
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My sister is dealing with it... I love my babies but it is to much stress for me at this point I am having to be possitive to keep BP in a semi high range and not over board.

She is trying to find the paper I gave her with the mobile vet and the adoption ladys name on it. I dont have it. I have to say the mobil vet gave me a great price, but I should of also known something would of happened they only take a feww 100 cats and dogs at 6am the rest are turned away and you have to have the whole litter and mom. It was so confusing.
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He didn't end up vaccinating her then?

I would be mad. Something sorta similar happened at the rescue. He had a male kitten, 6 months old, neutered. It was the new vet that did it. We didn't notice this until about 3 months after he was neutered.. but he still had one testicle! And he was roaming free with 40 unspayed female cats. We did end up with a pregnant female at the rescue and wondered how it happened.. now I guess we know!
They didn't even tell us that they didn't take it out. Whether she forgot to take that one out, or it hadn't dropped yet.. she still should have told us!
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I agree... Shanna (sis) is having her vet redo the spay and the vaccinations just to be safe when the kittens are done with mom
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Good idea. Buts its all too bad. I mean you were trying to be a good cat owner and the vet doesn't do his job..
But look at the good side of things, they are going to be Reallly cute babies!
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That is true they will be cute and plan to make sure they are FIXED this will not happen again
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Yeah. Get a better vet this time Though it wasn't your fault.
Do you have any pics of the mama?
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I do I will look tomorrow she is perdy I have a baby pic that is all since she was Skittles Kitten and one given to me 2 weeks ago somewhere on my Hard drive lol
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Why does she require a c-section?
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Originally Posted by gayef View Post
Why does she require a c-section?
I am not sure I think they are doing it to make sure when they open her to spay her and to also make sure nothing is wrong from when she was suppose to be spayed. I recall the stitches on all of them.
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If it is possible to wait until after the babies are born to spay her, that would be preferable ... however, if medically, they feel safer in performing the c-section, that is certainly understandable. It is just that when a cat is spayed, the necessary organs to help in milk production are removed and you normally end up having to hand-raise the kittens.
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Originally Posted by momof3rugratz View Post
I do I will look tomorrow she is perdy I have a baby pic that is all since she was Skittles Kitten and one given to me 2 weeks ago somewhere on my Hard drive lol
any pics work, a baby one and an adult one would be cute
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Gaye - I have heard something different with C-sections, that as it is the kneading the kittens do that stimulates the milk production, they can still feed and raise kittens normally after one. I have rescue friends who have had to have c-sections on cats and not had to hand-raise kittens afterwards.
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then you was lucky ,when lilly had to have a c section she lost 3 kittens the last one was a bit week to suckle plus mum had no milk even after this injection thing that the vets gave her. she didnt bond with the kitten or take notice of him untill 2 days after , i had to hand feed and stimulate and keep him warm , after 4 days he died even after lilly took to him. plus if there are alot of kittens to feed from mum then the stitchs could easily be pulled out or get an infection from being scratched. unless its nesscary for a c section i dont think it should be done.
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