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Butterball is getting close

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I know it has to be any day now. She is getting more miserable as the days go by and she is really living up to her name as she is getting pretty big. I can feel little thumps on the rare occasions she lets me put my hand on her tummy and leave it there for a while. She is very restless too, always just seems to roam around. It's been a week now since I've been able to feel movement. Isn't it only a few weeks after you start to feel the babies move that she goes into labor? I tried to get an updated photo of her this morning but she wouldn't cooperate at all. I'll try again tonight so you can see how big she is getting.
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aw do keep us updated , normally you can fell movement at about 6-7 weeks . but it really depends on how many she is carrying. if she is carrying a lot then you could feel them at 5 weeks . if only 1-2 then you might not fell them untill 8 weeks. goodl uck
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poor meowmy hopefully she has the kittens soon. I recall how miserable Skit's looked. Heck I recall LOL how I look now at 9 months I want it over we are miserable.. Give her from us all
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Aw...poor Butterball...bless her heart...I'm hoping for a good delivery for all involved!!!
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How is she doing... Butterball are you a meowmy yet....
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Hey, she is still about the same. I felt lots of movement last night. She just curls up next to me and rolls on her back a little and doesn't mind me touching her tummy (for about 20 mins at least!). Hopefully she'll have them while I'm on vacation next week and not while I'm at work for the next couple of days. I will get a pic of her tonight, I promise.
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I can't wait to see her... and the babys
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ok cool I will look forward to them
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She wasn't happy about me taking photos of her last night so I only got this one. She sure is doing a lot of roaming around these past few days. I caught her under my daughter's dresser last night.

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aww how did I miss this moma in waiting

she is a beauty

hoping all goes well for the arrival of her babies keep us posted !
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She looks so perdy this morning. Under the dresser wow she is getting close
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She is so beautiful! Hopefully she will have them soon. The waiting is nerve-wracking for all of us!

Can't wait to see the kittens Any idea what the daddy looks like?
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Originally Posted by PaulaS View Post
Any idea what the daddy looks like?

No idea! I was feeding her as a stray for a long time and when I noticed she was pregnant, I took her to the vet who said she was too far along for spaying (I think he was off on his estimate) so I took her into my home and she is now part of our furfamily. The only other cats that I noticed coming around every now and then was a black long haired cat and a huge tabby. Don't even know if they were intact males or not.
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