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For the dehydrater

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How about pears, bananas, strawberries, nectarines, apricots, and pineapple!
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Bill makes wonderful beef jerky, in his. He does some mild and some with lots of red pepper (for me).
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Maybe you could send us some Oh well it's too close to Christmas and it would only get bogged down in the mail
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Dad is going hunting next week (elk), so I'm going to see if he can save a hunk-o-meat for me to try my hand at jerky.
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I'm going to fix my self a bowl of soup and a large glass of water. (I'm trying to lose weight) Isn't it rutting season and sort of dangerous in the woods? Elk are HUGE! Wow, let me know if the jerky comes out OK.
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Actually, the rut (at least around here) is more in September/early October. With normal weather, the elk should be coming down from the real high country, but I think they will have to go climbing mountains to find them again this year. And yes, they are huge!! Dad just had a hernia repaired, and I told him that he better not try to pack out an 800 lb. elk (they don't use ATVs, they walk it all!). He told me that the quarters only weigh about 100 lbs when they are up there, may be 250 once it's out and on a scale, but only 100 up there. I just hope he doesn't end up hurting himself.
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We just buy a brisket, at Fry's. That's a lot less trouble.
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I don't have a dehydrator but would love to get one!! A girl I used to know made jerky out of hamburger!!! It was really good! She pressed it into thin strips and used some sort of spices in it...does anyone know how to do this or have a recipe?
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I don't know about hamburger but, the brisket works well. We buy one, when its on sale and have the butcher slice it thin. I'll check with Bill and find out what he puts on his. Neither of us uses recipes - we just throw spices and herbs onto stuff and taste it. Never comes out the same way, twice but its always good.
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