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What happened to spring?

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I'm wondering what happened to spring here in Cincinnati. It seems like we went from winter straight into summer, with highs over the weekend and today in the upper 70's - low 80's. I'm not complaining, because it's gorgeous, but am about ready to turn on the AC at home and go for a dip in my neighbor's pool. Is is really still March? Feels more like June here. Anybody else experiencing unseasonably warm weather?
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not that warm up here, have the lake I guess to cool us down a bit- don't worry, it will cool down again
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It's wonderful here today! Going to be 30* cooler this weekend, though. I just wish it would be spring & quit boucing from summer to winter & then back to summer!
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Yes Eileen, the same thing is happening here in KY it's HOT out, it's in the 80's
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Its 23C (73F) degrees here right now. Our high for today was only supposed to be 15, so it got a lot warmer than it was supposed to be.
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We have record high here is 21 degrees too bad I have nothing to do outside..maybe I'll go for a walk
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Your kidding Eileen? I woke up to 2 feet of snow and 10 degrees outside! I'd love to have your weather!!
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I just hate to get used to the warm weather to have it get back down in the 30's again, which we're headed for this weekend. Gotta love it.
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Yup! Just ooohh.... maybe 3 weeks ago, we were pounded w/ 40 inches of snow- today its 82* and gorgeous! It feels like early June- but we're supposed to have cooler weather by Wednesday.
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Well here in uk we are starting to have lovely weather.

Cant believe how warm it was today, long may it continue!!
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Waahooo! for 80 degree weather!
Oh its just wonderful out!
Yesterday I cleaned out my car, washed my floor mats, all that good stuff!
Today I was stuck inside going through not only our laundry but all our clothes trying to just cut our mountain of clothes in half. boy I sure would have loved to go for a walk or sat outside with my granparents dogs!
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We went from Winter straight to Summer too.Week before last, we had 40s and now it's 84 here.
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Just wait. I think dogwood winter will be coming soon. (Saw some starting to bloom in the woods near my sister's! )
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