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Radio question of the day: 03/26/07

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Are you budget conscious or do you throw caution to the wind?
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever View Post
Are you budget conscious or do you throw caution to the wind?
Oh, I budget down to my last dollar! It sucks sometimes, but I have to do it to achieve my financial goals!
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I try to budget but Lee doesn't so I guess we just throw caution to the wind....
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aww, well we have a budget account for all matters boring then everything else we can spend, spend, spend so I guess a bit of both
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I budget but my husband always throws it to the wind.
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I'd say a bit of both instead of typing By or Bye I type BUY
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I'm bad at budgeting, but mostly cuz it seems the cats run me outta money. Well, I guess my entire budget goes to the cats.
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A little bit of both.
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I try to budget, but if it's something I really want I usually give in and throw caution to the wind.
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Budget-y I blew over £30 on B-day and Mothers day presents last weekend, which is very rare for me.
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Budget, whats that?!?! LOL!!

Actually DH does try and budget, but I dont. So I guess its caution to the wind(if ya ask him)
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I budget, but then those trips to Target or the grocery store for 1 or 2 items turn into 20 items I don't go shopping that much because of this
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I'm a little bit of both- but i NEVER buy things i do not have money to spare on. I ALWAYS make it a habit each time i cash my paycheck to immediately put some in savings (PayYourselfFirst) so i won't be tempted to spend it. Then i sort out what i need for the week - gas, groceries, pet supplies, bills, things like that. If i have any left over- that is my spending money- so that's what i use if i want to treat myself. My system works for me Colin is also a big saver as well- we want to do our best to keep ourselves out of debt and in good financial standings. It's really important to me- i saw my mom and aunt struggle as single mom's our whole lives. It's a hard life but they did the best they could. My mom busted her butt to put me in private school and get me a good education. So being a wise steward of my money to me is very important. I'm saving up to start my own flower shop
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I have to be budget conscious - DH treats money like it is something evil to be disposed of asap!!!
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We don't budget, but we need to start. Once I get a job, we are going to start and (hopefully) stick to it.
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I am very budget conscious
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I am a NON Spender... Dh on the other hand... He's a spender... I do pretty good and keeping things under control most of the time though!
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Budget is my middle name. I ALWAYS stick to my budget, well- when I was on unemployment anyways, now that I have a job... it might be a different story But until I get my 1st paycheck- I'm on a budget!!
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I try to budget for the most part.But, if there is something that we need or want and it wasn't in the budget, then I throw caution to the wind and go for it.
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Budget for the most part.
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I don't have any set formal budge, but I know what we can and cannot afford (without going under in credit card debt!) and there is a set amount that I don't like my checking account to dip below.
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I budget. Have to since Mom is on Social Security and I'm on disability.

But I make room in the budget for chocolate.
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever View Post
Are you budget conscious or do you throw caution to the wind?

Well it depends on what I want. Since I'm looking into a new house I'm a littl emore budget conscious, but usually I just spend and hope.
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It depends on the day.

I guess you could say that I budget because I have bills that are pretty much the same from month to month and usually I don't spend too much other things.

Then there are the days when I shop on line and $20 here and $30 there ends up to be a lot more than I planned.

I try not to have too many of those days.
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Heck no way... With 3 huge boys I have to budget like mad and payday is only 1x a month... Now Abby on the way I have to do it more.
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I budget, my mum taught me how when I got my first part time job as a teenager
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Does anyone also shop looking at the size and oz and what the better deal is.. I even clip a coupon if I have to.
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While we don't have a strict budget our fixed expenses vary little from month to month.
Of course our income took a bit hit when my office closed and wth me being self employed I am not earning what I used to. But on the other hand I don't spend nearly what I did on clothes, shoes etc for a office job. (*Sigh*)
We save quite a bit each month and leave just a minimal amount in the checking acct for groceries, gas etc....
I get "accused" however of still spending too much-I mean if you are going to repaint a room you are going to need new decorating items-right???
I shop sales and use coupons when I can though.
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