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Vibes Needed

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So I received terrible news recently. A couple of my friends play paintball and so I have been in and around it for the past couple of years now. I know a lot of the field owners as I would go to watch or to help out with this and that.

The owner of Midway has recently gone into a diabetes induced coma. He was transfered to a hospital in Vancouver and so now his wife and new baby (about 6 months old I believe) are living out of a hotel to be with him.

Last Saturday they held a fundraiser and was able to raise over $6000 for the wife and baby to be able to live in Vancouver while he is in the hospital.

I am sure they could use all the vibes they can get, so could you please send them some?

Thank you
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Many prayers to the family. Please keep us updated.......
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Kitters and I are sending Vibes for them!
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Lots of good thoughts headed their way...

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Many prayers and vibes coming that way.
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many many many vibes and prayers coming my way for that family
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Many positive vibes headed his way ....
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This is heartbreaking... I will send all the prayers I can
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Sending hugs and prayers from Mississippi for this couple and their baby, please keep us posted on how he is doing.
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Oh how sad..I am sending many prayers for all of them
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More prayers for him and his family.
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So I found out that he is now going in and out of consciousness. It seems that no one is quite sure what has happened. I talked to another friend about it and he doesn't think it was diabetes. He said the doctor doesn't know what happened and they still don't. As far as I know the wife and baby are doing okay. The wife was able to go onto the paintball site and give everyone a quick update. I think the total from the fundraiser was $6950 so that will help them a LOT.

They might be moving him to Victoria soon, which will be good because then he will only be about an hour or so away from home rather than a two hour ferry and however long drive.

Thanks for all the vibes going out to this family. I really appreciate it.
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I am still sending more vibes and all the prayers I can
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