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Let's burn a G.I. in Effigy

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Warning, this will raise your blood pressure.

These cowards won't even show their faces. Our beloved military is dying for these morons freedom to burn them in effigy.
I am livid.

Memories of Viet Nam are flooding back.
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Those idiots are anarchists, and shouldn't be lumped together with antiwar protesters.
It's best to simply ignore them.
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I'm embarrased to have such a thing happen in my state.
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I had a feeling it was only a matter of time before the lip service of "supporting our troops without supporting their jobs" would become null, and the true feelings of some people come out.

Yes, visions of Viet Nam, and I really hope that these people doing this don't carry it to the same extent. I hope that we can learn something from history, but I doubt it. Not when there is so much hatred being spewed about this conflict...
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Yes, that is what the link on Drudge called them J, anarchists.

But you can bet they are calling themselves War Protesters, just like the ones that called called the returning Viet Nam GI's, "baby killers" and spit on them.

I'm sorry, this video was hard to ignore, but you are probably right.

People like these get lumped in with all the Anti-War protesters, and it does the Anti-War movement no good at all.
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What are they saying about it in Oregon Cinder?

These people remind me of the KKK.

The bad part of me wants to hope they get their butt kicked.
I better just pray for them instead.
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This is the editorial from The Oregonian, which I believe is Oregon's largest newspaper. It says it well, IMO.

Personally, I also wanted to smack the crap out of the girl who posted the pics on the internet. I saw an interview where she explained..."But I just took the picture."

I'm sure she gave a great deal of thought about the consequenses of her actions.

I highlighted a couple of the comments that I felt strongly about.
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All I can say is that if I were there and saw what was going on with my own eyes I would be in jail for assault.

Yeah, I'm so very proud to see a uniform that I wore at one time and my country's flag desecrated by a bunch of half-witted twits. Yup, truly makes me proud to know that I served my country to preserve the their right to be ignorant. Now, where's my ball bat, those are some people who are in desperate need of having some sense beat into them.
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Just because you may disagree with your government, there is no excuse for behaviour such as that. Protest, sure, but like that? How is that hurting the government? How is that doing anything but denigrating and spitting on the soldiers who go where they are sent, do an amazing job and don't have any choice in the wars they have to fight? What a slap in the face.

All this kind of thing does is make the people who do it look like idiots and worse names I can't say here on TCS. It does genuine anti-war protesters' images NO good at all, and you can bet one thing - if these scum weren't using war as a reason to vandalise and destroy and desecrate, they'd be doing it somewhere, or to something else. They probably are anyway.
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These people aren't proper anarchists- for example that just looks like a waste of a pretty nice uniform for a start
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The same scum who want all of the freedoms and social welfare programs America has to offer...but hate those who support our country, and are willing to lay down their lives for it, including my husband, father, and brother, and male ancestors back the Revolutionary War.

As the bumper sticker says, "Freedom isn't free."

How I wish I were a cat, and could pee on those lowlives' legs...

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Losers like these guys can't even be taken seriously. The idiot with the lighter doesn't even have enough brains to get the fire going properly.

People like this make me sick, but they don't bother me because they have their heads so far up their backsides that they don't pose a danger to anyone.

With any luck one of two of them will run into a few marines back from Iraq in a bar one night.
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Originally Posted by Kai Bengals View Post
With any luck one of two of them will run into a few marines back from Iraq in a bar one night.
I would LOVE to see that! Personally, that video just made me sick. How stupid can some people be? Burning the symbol that gives them the right to be that stupid. Should we ship them to Iraq and let them see what COULD happen if they did something like that against their government?

I did laugh though when he couldn't get the fire started. Bet he felt like an idiot!
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First, my comp doesn't have sound, so if there was sound to go with, I couldn't hear it, but as for images, the burning of the flag, well I couldn't care less. I feel the same way about the Canadian flag *meh*, but I found it absolutely horrifying to watch the burning of the "soldier".

For a group that is supposedly protesting against violence and war, it just seemed like such an odd thing to do because the act they preformed seemed pretty violent IMO.
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