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Monday's DT

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How ironic! I had organized a flu clinic for the office. The VON nurse was here from 8am to 9am and guess what? I have the flu My first thought this morning was to stay in bed but since I organised it all, I had to be here. Aaaargh! I am so fed up of all of this. No vaccination for me today. She is back on thursday and I have to think about whether or not to go ahead with the shot. Not sure if it helps any or not.

I am fighting a migraine on top of it so.....what a great start to my week!

We are preparing for our Christmas party. Yep..that's just around the corner! For the next couple of weeks I get to shop for gifts that will be drawn at the party. That part is fun!

Hope you all have a great day!
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Take care of yourself G. Aren't you still fighting the pneumonia too! I'm getting worried about you! You need to rest and get better
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Thanks Sabra that's very kind of you! I am trying to take care of myself. I had a few naps over the week-end. I think everything is happening because of the pneumonia. That part seems to be getting better slowly but it may have made me more suseptible to other things. Right now...it's looking like this will be a short day. I think my bed is calling for me. And my boys are in school so, I can just sleep!

Boy...I feel like all I do is complain about my health here. I'm really sorry guys. Honestly, I'm not always this sick! I do have some good months.
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Whisker's Mom, I hope you feel better! It is another dreary day here in NC, I could take a nap. My sweetie's work hours have changed, so it will take some adjusting. 5-midnight, what fun.
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G. you need to take care of yourself!!! You're going to end up in the hospital if you don't. Cat Site ORDERS! from all of us - Go home, drink lots of fluids and for heaven's sake get some REST.

Not much going on with me. Work is picking up, at least for today. I'm trying to enjoy a bit of decent weather today. A big cold front is supposed to hit tomorrow, starting off in the 30s and then getting colder as the day goes on, and Wednesday is supposed to be bitterly cold! At least we are supposed to get some good snow with it, which we need badly.

Goodness, you guys were busy here this weekend! I've been trying to work and get caught up here all morning. I'm just now getting to stuff from today, and it's afternoon!
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Ghys, you need to go someplace, warm and dry. Currently, its 76, here and sunny. Over the weekend, though, it rained a lot.

I'm enjoying my first day of unemployment. I got those boots at Target. Can't wait to go out, Saturday night and wear them! Mom's going to have a fit over them, too. I came by my shoe addiction, naturally.

Bill is grilling a steak, tonight, to celebrate. Lucky me - no work, no cooking and new boots! Ike gets a treat, too. We, always, give him the steak bone.

I am, still, amazed that the same powerful jaws and teeth that render a hard bone into slivers are the same ones that so gently close around Rowdy's soft little body. Ike seems to know just how much pressure he can put on her, without hurting.

Have a good Monday, all.
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Cindy - enjoy! Enjoy your freedom, enjoy your boots, enjoy your dinner, enjoy your pets!!!!
Heidi - why did we have no "Indian Summer" this year?

Krazy Kat2 - it's not easy to adjust to "not normal" hours, but it can be done! Take a nap so you don't get sick like so many people here!

Sabra - I agree. What's wrong with these Canadians? Adymarie got sick and didn't go see a Doc right away either!

Ghyslaine - GET WELL. GET REST. I'm with Heidi on this one. And don't think we won't head up there with straps to tie you down if necessary!

Well - got the results of my CT Scan this morning. . I have a "lesion" of unknown origins on my Thyroid (my ma had thyroid problems and had to have her thyroid removed), and I have an unknown mass (small) in my throat, which might need a biopsy. Got referred to an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist. My tonsils are bigger than they're supposed to be, and I have what appears to be a cyst somewhere I forgot already. But in that parotid/thyroid gland area. We're trying to juggle our schedule so I can go see that Doc tomorrow. Wednesday is my last shot to see him before he leaves for three weeks.

Juggling the schedule isn't so easy. We're in the midst of massive negotiations to move firms. As we're Department heads, it gets really involved. I can't believe how lucky we are that with over 100,000 recently unemployed in our industry (and about 85,000 left in it) we should have these opportunities, but it will mean that for at least the next couple of weeks I won't be spending much time around here. Between the stuff I'm trying to finish for Judi (Samoa rescuer), research for the org Christy and I are working on, the Samoa "press release," and getting our outdoor kitties adopted.... I could really use an extra 5 - 6 hours a day. At least.

I'm a Cat Site addict and I'm sure I'll go through withdrawal!

Hope everyone who's sick is taking the time to heal and get rest.

Love and hugs to all who need (or want it).

Please be well!

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Laurie, you definitely have my positive energy coming to you and Gary. Like you need to be worried about your health with everything else going on in your life. We will miss you a bunch if you can't be here as much, but understand. Sometimes real life gets in the way of TCS.
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What is it with all these Canadians getting sick?

I hope I'm not next on the list!

Here in Toronto, it's suppose to snow on Halloween night!


Hope all my sick Canadians get better!
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Cindy, sounds wonderful where you are. Also...enjoy your free time with Bill. Let him spoil you rotten

For us...we have the good old Canadian winter to look forward to. We actually had flurries earlier. Talk about early in the season. They are also forcasting snow on Halloween down here.

krazy kat2...look on the bright side. This means you get the TV all to yourself!

Heidi, honestly, I am trying to take care of myself. I know you guys are probably shaking your heads but....it is soooooo hard to take time to rest when you are alone. I don't have any family around here that can help and on hubby's side, my mother-in-law babysits my boys during the day. She does not babysit after 5pm. Hubby works all day and then when he comes home, he leaves again until about midnight. He has a dump truck and right now, he is hauling corn for all the farmers. Harvest season is a busy time. He normally parks the truck early December and does not take it out again until April.

Laurie, I hope all goes well with your thyroid. Sending positive thoughts your way. I am sad to hear you won't be around much. I really look forward to reading all your interesting info. Hurry back!

Now...to comment on the Canadians & doctor thing. I'm the opposite. It seems I am forever at my doctors, at the emergency etc....so much so that, the nurses and the doctors on call all know me as: G. My problem is that I don't get there quick enough. But, with me, I switch from a cold to a lung infection in a matter of a couple of days. Sometimes it just ends up being too late.

On a brighter note: I was talking to my aunt earlier. She lives in Quebec City. Love her to death. I was always really close to her. She was married to my father's brother (they are divorced now). Anyways....she came down last January and spent 7 weeks here. She spoiled me rotten. I had supper ready everynight when I came home from work and she cleaned during the day. She was a Medical secretary in a hospital years ago and has since retired and taken up Esthetics (facials, manicures, pedicures etc....) Well, she is coming down for a week on Nov. 25th. She said she wants to come down and take over for a week so I can rest. I can't wait! On top of that, I will be getting a pedicure (I love that the most) and...when she leaves, I normally have a freezer full of goodies! It also means that she will be making me drink a glass of fresh orange juice every morning and that I will have to remember my vitamin too. She's very fussy on all of that.

Well....enough rambling for one day. Can you guys tell I'm feeling a little better???? :LOL: My stomach has settled down, I am eating again and my headache is almost history. Now....I am aiming for a good night sleep.

Thanks for being there to listen to me vent. I really enjoy having you guys as friends.

Russian Blue...thanks for the well wishes. From one Canadian to another, I certainly hope this flu or whatever it is does not head out to Toronto.
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