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Rambo Update

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Hey everyone, just realized I hadn't provided an update on Rambo's situation. Here's a link to part of his saga for those of your who weren't around.

Rambo has now been on the prednisone on a low dose for a few weeks (1/2 pill every 3 days) and he is doing absolutely fantastic. I've suddenly realized that I have my old Rambo back...and it's the kitty I haven't seen going on about 8 months (i just looked back through the records and Rambo's first outbreak of the illness was July). Though we may never nail down exactly what it is he has....we seem to have stumbled upon the right treatment.

Just wanted to share my joy at the transformation. Rambo is running around like the goofball he used to be. He is chasing birds from window to window, he cornered a chipmunk out in the yard and when the chipmunk lunged at Rambo...well Rambo ran away like the big pansy he is! He's also wants to cuddle more than ever! And I couldn't possibly be happier. Long-term I worry about the steroids...but for now he has finally recovered his quality of life.

I've been taking a whole bunch of new pictures of the little monkey...and I'll get the posted as soon as i get home tonight!!

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Now THAT's the way to start my Monday morning!! Welcome back, Rambo! So glad you're feeling like your old self!

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I am so thrilled to hear Rambo's back!!

A little dance for him!
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that is so great to hear Raegan!!! I'm so happy for you and Rambo
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You know I am doing the happy dance .... what did if any thing the vet diagnois>>???
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We have no official diagnosis. We've ruled out a few things....but the symptoms are atypical of anything the vet has researched.

Based on the fact that the prednisone treatment is proving to be so effective, i'm leaning towards an autoimmune disorder (as identified by the brilliant people on this site!). Not sure still what triggers it either. We're going to try and stay on this low dose...and see what happens. THe best case would be no new outbreaks, or if there are any that they are minor and just require short term higher doses of prednisone.

I'm not sure the long-term ramifications of prednisone use...but I think they'll require monitoring of Rambo's liver functions.
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Steriods in cats are SAFER than in humans for long term use .... as my vet taught me
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That's a relief to know! Regardless of potential long-term effects I would have put him on the steroids. He had NO quality of life the way things were going. I would rather have Rambo have a shorter but better quality of life then a miserable and long life.
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It's great to hear that Rambo is doing so well. I'm happy for both of you.
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