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Baby boy

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My old fella has been with us 18 years this month. I just got back from the Vet with him - he has been vomiting for about a week - sometimes food and sometimes mucus and stuff. They did a bunch of blood work (to the tune of a lot of $$) and are running it for hyperthroidism. His kidneys are smaller than they should be and his heart rate is elevated. A little arthritis too. No fever though! He has lost almost a pound in the past 6 weeks. We will know about the thyroid on Wednesday. Maybe we can take the same meds!
If you could keep him in your prayers, I would appreciate it.
Thank you
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Positive, healthy energy coming to your boy Debra! He and you will be in my thoughts. ((((HUGS)))) and Scritches.
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Poor Kitty!!! Positive energy and prayers are on the way!
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prayers your way! i can only imagine how you feel. 18 years! i hope my babies live that long and hope yours has some years left. i am so sorry. i pray those test come back negetive.
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Oh Deb!! Lots of good thoughts and prayers going up for your baby!! Hopefully all will be sorted and he'll soon be set for another 18 years with you!!
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Debra - everything is crossed for your senior kitty. Hugs and kisses for him!
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