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Teddy Thread

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Heres some close-ups - he's still got that one white eyebrow whiskers

lokk at his cute black nose....
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How cute is Teddy?!! I just want to snuggle him!!
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awww Teddy is so cute!! Love that one white whisker
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such a handsome little man!!
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Awww! Bless Teddy and his white eye brow whisker!
He still looks all babyfied. And you gotta love that lickle black nose!
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I love that one white whiskers!
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Kiss that sweet boy for me
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I black kitties... my first cat was black.
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oh wow! what a cutie pie!!!! hehe i LOVE his little white whisker!
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Awww He is so adorable! You just wanna smooch him!
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More TEDDY Teddy u handsome boy look at that face look at that nose and look at those eyes Teddy u are just such a cutie pie, sooo GORGEOUS
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Awwwwww Teddy's got such a glossy coat!
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Does the white whisker make him a Tuxedo kitty?
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He is so adorable the white whisker gives him sponk and a trade marke
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at first I think he thought it was a bed

then he realised he could bite it

or just sit in it and watch me
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Oh my goodness he is so beautiful, Ann !
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Oh, the joy of cardboard boxes!
So many uses, so little time
We Love Teddy! We Love Teddy!.....
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oh there must be something interesting for me in here

ooo, think she saw me

nawh, she aint bothered

lets get rid of this blue thing

now I can see whats at the bottom
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Aww he is growing even more beautiful
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Teddy looks like her was being mischievous there
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He is such a handsome boy!!
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Oh, Teddy! What are you doing!
It`s obviously a very serious investigation for Detective Constable Teddy of New Scotland Yard judging by the look on his face!
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Where do you want these leaves mum ?

I'm not so sure I can carry them

Oh - I think Moofi wants me to play with her...........
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hi teddy you just to cute.
heh by the way i really like that last pic. !!!
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Awww! Looks like he`s recovered well!
I love his poofed out cheeks and so nice of him to help you with the gardening!
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What great pics of Teddy outside!!! Him and my Ebony could be twins. I love the sheer coated black kitties that shine in the sunlight.
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aw Teddy is lovely...looks gorgeous against the background of the green plants
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