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Originally Posted by gayef View Post
I have had ~several~ mixed breed cats and not one of them has ever been allowed to have kittens, either "accidently" or, more importantly, on purpose. Are you really sure you want to try and tell me that I am not telling the truth about that?
And to presume that breeders only support pedigreed cats is absurd! The vast majority of us ALSO participate heavily with rescue and shelter activities.

This poster is absolutely correct and I couldn't have said it better myself. If you travel to cat shows across the country, you'll most always find a rescue organization that has been asked to come to the show. Many of the clubs use their profits from their shows to help cats in rescue. THE LOVE FOR CATS IN GENERAL, WHETHER PEDIGREED OR NOT, is the drive.
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What I was trying to say is the poster, GayeF, was absolutely correct in what she said. And I can say that I have never allowed my non-pedigreed cats to have kittens. They all have been spayed/neutered as soon as they were old enough. After all, I rescued THEM in the first place.
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Welcome to TCS, Siamese4Me. Are you a breeder or an enthusiast?
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Thank you for the welcome. I am both an enthusiast and a breeder of modern siamese. What a great site, I happened to stumble across it today and was thrilled.
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Originally Posted by Renovia View Post
... boy this thread digresses.
Not really. The OP (who hasn't been back since she originally posted this thread by the way) asked about allowing one litter from her non-pedigreed, mixed-breed cats. While the discussion has strayed away from that somewhat, the messages have all given her extremely good reasons why that isn't a good idea. It's been a good discussion overall and I like to let these types of things progress naturally - if they stray a bit, that's OK as long as the general message stays intact. Which, in this case, it has.
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it's been a very interesting thread that's for sure
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Ok, I’m gonna try to make my last post, i thought I was finished, but I still have people saying things that make me feel like I need to explain in more detail.

There was once a time that it was ok, to let your cat go outside and just get pregnant. That time doesn’t seem that long ago, so yea it’s hard for me to believe that you have never bread mixed cats... but on the other hand I do know some people who have never had kittens, but you would think I believe that you went straight in to breeding purebreds only, and never a mixed, even as a child. Well it’s hard for me to believe because this new cat activists only started in the 80’s and many countries are still behind and vets do not perform the trap-neuter-return movement and only the last 10 years (1997) they launched “cat-indoors” campaign. If you loved cats your whole life then I’m sure as a child it is normal for the family pet to get pregnant unless you were born in the 90’s, or never had female cats as a child. if you had a male, then its just the same, you never saw the family he had, but I'm sure he had man kittens. I’m not saying you’re lying, it’s just most people who love to breed cats, and this passion started long time ago.

But maybe this is just what everyday people do; I have never had conversations with so many breeders in my life, maybe many of you have had a certain breed in your family for years.

I have to say the activists have gotten to me, because I no longer believe it is ok for cats to go outdoors, especially if they are not spayed and just mate with anyone. And I thought it was a good thing that I searched for what I thought would be a perfect mate. My cat is beautiful she is Turkish Van with calico. She has the typical Van color eyes (amber) and I mated her with a Turkish Angora, white cat with blue eyes, and hoped for at least one kitten to get the blue eyes, and to my surprise all the kittens had dads beautiful eyes.

But now I have to say that you guys are getting to me, I have learnt a lot and I’m getting out of my old fashion ways, I was completely freaked out that I didn’t know about the blood lines of the cats only mom and dad are healthy and I will be making and appointment right away to make sure that the kittens are all healthy they seem healthy but I just want to make sure.

Here is a thought... I know you think my way of just breeding one litter is wrong? Just as I am still set on its wrong to breed hundreds of cats. The only breeders I agree with are the ones who have a waiting list or don’t have more than one mother having kittens at a time. But the ones that just do it themselves and hope to sell kittens, I don’t agree with. Earlier a lot of people were saying “I bet your don’t have breeding rights from the owner” and if I had pure bread cats and if I had the cat lines and knew all about the history of the cats, I probably wouldn’t have rights. So in that case I wouldn’t be able to breed just one litter right? Unless I co-operated with a breeder which in turn would make me a breeder as well, which I wouldn’t agree with unless I all the kittens were spoken for.
As far as I can see, no one here has been at all rude to you. If you can point out to me where a rude comment was made then I can certainly take the appropriate moderation action and have those comments removed from the Forum.
here is just one I took the wrong way, but there are a few and I'm not gonna go through them all.


How many bricks does it take???????
but it doens't matter, I think we set most things straight.
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