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Something fishy about these kitties...

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I found an old fisheye lens the other day as I was going through one of our endless boxes of stuff. Anyway, I put it over my digital camera and managed to get a few shots of the cats before they started getting annoyed.
I got a good one of my DH too, but he won't let me post it!


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Oh cool! I like those!
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wow those are so clever ! I thought the 1st one was a mouse at 1st glance
I think you should just sneak the one of DH on - he wont know
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OMG those are GREAT
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Awww they are so cute. I like the first one, its different.
I would never thought of holding a lens in front of my camera.
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that's a really neat effect! I like the last one
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Well, I thought they would be underexposed, but they seem ok.
I'm going to (try) to get some cute ones of my doggies. There's a miniture dacshund that would make a great shot, if she ever stood still.
I have suspicions that my DH sneeks a peek at TCS when I'm not on, so he could find out.
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Those are too cute! I love the last one! What adorable kitties even with the funky fish eyes lens!!
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Fantastic photos!

I must try that, I have loads of old camera equipment lying about, I'll have to see if there's anything that Radar hasn't broken while checking to see that gravity still works I dread to think what Sonic would look like through a fish-eye lens - attack of the 50 foot nose probably
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I always wondered how people got those pics where the pets head looks so big. Now, I wonder if my camera has a fish eye option?! Those are really neat pics!

(Would hubby know if you posted him?)
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thats pretty cool!! I like the pics!
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Those are so neat!! I love photography. Just wish I could afford a better camera.
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That first one is so funny! Really cool pictures.
We need to see the one of your hubby!
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Aw, he won't let me post it!
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Those are great! I need to get one of those.
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Thats so cool!

Your kitties look so funny
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Those are such cute pics!
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Wonderful! They are fantastic!
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very creative Wendy!!!
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hahaha! great pictures!!
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those are cool pics!!
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Originally Posted by pushylady View Post
Aw, he won't let me post it!
Is that because he may be pictured with a "big head"!?
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Great wide angle shots!!!!
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Awww it's like their in the hall of mirrors
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LOL I love those just post we wont tell DH
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Excellent pictures! I love them! You are very creative.
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