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Microchipping, what did you pay?

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For all your kittylovers out there that have had your babies microchipped, can you tell me what you paid? We are thinking about getting TTP&B done, but have no idea what to expect in the $$ department. Is it just a shot they give them??
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It's $17.50 at the shelter to get the microchip inserted (with a larger than normal needle), then $25 for registration of the microchip through Home Again.
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Wow, that's really reasonable Sarah. There's quite a range of prices it seems, and it's cheaper in the States.
It's just a large needle they use and it's over very quickly.
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It was about £20 over here i think?. I couldn't look because of the size of the needle so i waited in the waitingroom The chips only about the size of a rice grain they say.
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It's no worse than getting a piercing using a needle from what I understand. I've had enough piercings to know it hurts but only for a second. No idea about prices. Neither of my kitties are chipped. They probably should be but they are both afraid of the outside for the most part.
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The vet did ours and it was about 30 dollars a piece.
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It's been something I've been thinking about for some time.....I don't put collars on my babies anymore. 3 out of 4 of them got thier collars stuck between their upper jaw and lower jaw, so I won't chance that anymore. Plus they never go outside, but I always wonder, God forbid, what if they got out.........I would be devistated........
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My kitties don't have microchips. They have the old fashioned tattoo in the right ear to indicate they have been spayed. Each tattoo is a unique number that is on file with the Humane Society with the cat's name and my information so that we can be united if one of them happens to get lost. Seeing that they are strictly indoor kitties, that's highly unlikely, but one never knows.

I do make sure that when I move I update my information at the Humane Society.

Cost was free and done at the same time as their spay.

What I like about the tattoo is that it's visible if you look for it, so anyone who sees your cat will know that it has a home. With a microchip you don't know it's there unless you havea special machine to locate it, so that means the average Joe on the street who sees your cat has no idea if it has a home or not and could easily just take in the cat thinking it's homeless.

If I ever get another kitty I will have her/him tattooed instead of microchipped.
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Spaz's chip was included with her $45 spay.
The other kitties came with chips as part of their adoption fee.
I paid $200 to adopt Bear from an Animal Control shelter, $100 included chip, and 2 years of county dog license (he was already neutered), $100 was a voluntary donation to the shelter.

Birds all ran me $75 each, this included office visit and physical exam.
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Our two were $75.00 each.
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Mine came microchipped when I adopted them. Zebra cost me $50 and Milo $25 so it was somewhere in there. I use 24petwatch and they also come with tags to put on their collars with their ID number.
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I was thinking of getting it done to my boys as well, but unfortunately, when animals get loose around here, they don't check for them anyways
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I paid ~$40 USD for the implantation and $17 for a lifetime registration of the ID.
It was over and done in less than 5 mins.
Korki (who is extremely skittish) didnt mind at all.

You will note that the chip has a tendancy to "drift" under the skin.
It will not always be directly where it was implanted. it may move under the skin to another close location.
This is perfectly normal and kitty wont even notice.
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40.00 is what it will be for Zoey...
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Peedoodle and Kahu were microchipped as required by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries for importation into NZ. It cost 72 dollars for both of them, including the registration. It is not too expensive.
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I think I paid about £20.00 over here. I actually had him microchipped when he was being neurtred.

Thought it would be easier to do both things at the same time.

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Eb came microchipped as part of her shelter adoption fee. We never had Lilly chipped but we priced it and I think our vet charged $50.
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I just had Joyeux done... it was $30 (29.99) but she's on a plan and was in for her spaying, so I don't/didn't pay for an office visit. That's all included in her plan, but the microchipping wasn't. So, probably it's about $70 for chipping and office visit through Banfield.
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ALL of my gang will be getting microchipped soon. I will do it myself at the shelter i work at (i microchip animals all the time:bighumb:So i'd rather to it myself. It is $15 per animal to get microchipped at the shelter, and then you fill out some more paperwork and there is a filing fee of about $17 if i remember correctly. So about $32 give or take a few dollars And just in a side note- ALL of the shelters in our area check for microchips! In out shelter alone, countless animals have been reunited with their owners thanks to them being microchipped- including several who got their collars off. Had they not been microchipped, their owners would have probably never found them. It is soooooooooo worth it!!!! Also, one more thing worth mentioning....when your animals is microchipped- if they are getting spayed/neutered the same day- have them microchipped while under anestesia (it takes a whole two seconds) but it will save the kitty some stress since it'll be asleep for it. Also- make SURE the tech or vet who microchips the kitty/dog holds the skin taunt and down while they pull the needle out (slowly!) so that the chip does not come out. Right after the pet is microchipped, they'll wave a scanner over that area to make sure it took. Make sure it takes before you leave after having your pet microchipped just to be safe. It does not hurt the animals - true, it is a rather large needle- but since cats/dogs have rather thick skin, it is not painfull for them- it will only cause minor discomfort for a moment or two - then they'll forget all about it / Also - keep an eye on the area that was microchipped for any signs of irritation or allergic reactions- if you see anything out of the ordinary- have a vet look them over to make sure the injection site did not get infected or that their bodies did not reject the microchip (this is VERY VERY rare- but i wanted to mention it)
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Just like Claire, it generally costs £20 in the UK including registration.

We had our previous cats chipped and they were ok about it, but it is a hollow needle so could be painful for kittens - ours are getting chipped when they get neutered/spayed, to save them the possible discomfort.
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The vet charges $50 per kitty, he gave us a discount for bringing in the two, I think I paid $75 for the implant (which was over quick and seemed not to bother them at all). I paid $17 a piece to register the chip with their info.

I then got a flyer from the rescue group I adopted them from offering $25 implant with registration
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At home they charge $100 per cat, here I found one place that charge $50 and one that charges $30. Both of my cats were free though (one with adoption the other with spay)
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Loki was microchipped when I adopted him from the Humane Society (they did it right before I took him home while I was filling out paperwork).

When I was looking for another cat I found out that some PetCo.s will do it. Not all of them, though, so you'll have to check. I think it was about $25. I'm not sure about Petsmart. There's not one around me so I didn't look. It turned out that Possum was already microchipped anyway.

When did you get your cats spayed? I've never heard of spay tattoos. I've never had a cat spayed, but our dog was spayed in 1992 and my sister's dog about 3 years ago and neither have tattoos. My sister's and my four cats are all neutered, but none have tattoos. Is it just for the Humane Society? Is this a California thing?

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$45.00 US at my vet
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I think ours was around 30.... maybe a little more with the registration
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