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Urinating in Inappropriate Places

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I could really use some advice ---

We adopted 4 new cats in December ... inherited from my mother who passed away. We had 2 cats already in our household ... bringing our grand total to six.

We isolated the cats from ours for about 3 weeks and we let them out, they all adjusted very well ... seem to get along great with our other two cats.

We had just one incident where someone urinated outside the litterbox but it never happened again so we weren't too worried.

However, now two months later, Squeaky --- the most timid of the newly adopted cats --- is starting to urinate outside of her litterbox.

She likes to get on plastic bags (grocery-type bags that we use to scoop kitty litter into) and pee. Plus, she urinated in our bed ... on a brand new comforter we put on last Friday.

We took her to the vet on Saturday - I thought it would be a urinary tract infection, but everything came back ok.

We isolated her on Saturday and Saturday night in a room with a litterbox and she used the litterbox at that time.

And Sunday, I let her out, but no problems whatsoever.

However, this morning, she urinated on plastic bags again ... not just a little bit, but it was like her bladder was bursting full.

Suggestions please???

She is a very loving cat ... vet suggested Prozac ... any experience with that and any side effects?
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Before Prozec I would try Feliaway either the pray or diffuser. Sounds like all the stress is catching up with this timid kitty. Also be sure to give little Squeaky some extra love and attention. I know how frustrating this can be (my Frankie still goes outside the box once in awhile) so good luck!
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How many litter boxes do you have? Maybe she doesn't like sharing a box or one of the other cats is preventing her from using it. Perhaps add another box or 2 and see if that helps.
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i have 3 cats and have 2 large litter trays for them

i suggest having more trays as cats usually r finicky about going to the toilet and some do not like sharing litter trays...mine r ok with sharing a tray so i dont have much problem but maybe Squeaky is a tad fussier and would prefer more trays to go in

good luck hope this works
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I agree with the other suggestions, re. the litterboxes. Consider the number, location, and type of boxes (covered/uncovered/size)...and see if there might be any improvements you could make to help Squeaky. Anything else that might help her stress level will help, such as individual playtime, extra hiding places, high perches that are just big enough for one cat, etc.

In regards to the Prozac, I do have experience with it and there were no ill effects for the cat. It doesn't have any tranquilizing effects at all...not in my experience, anyway. It does take some time (usually 4+ weeks) to start working...so if you decide to go that route be prepared to give it some time.

You did the right thing taking her to the vet. Do continue to keep a close eye her, as her anxiety about potty time could still cause a UTI at some point in the future. Good luck with Squeaky.
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I know exactly how your feeling! I've experienced the same type of problems before.... Maybe place several kitty litter boxes throughout the house in different rooms, etc. Make sure you scoop daily, some cats even prefer that you scoop several times a day. My little PHX doesn't really care if you scoop or not as long as you change the litter once a week. But every cat is different and you just got to keep trying different things, until you figure it out! I know that PHX is happy with the litter we use and the place we have it, etc. Because when I change the litter he gets SOOO excited and can hardly wait for me to pour the new kitty litter in the box, he just jumps right in there and does his business within 5 seconds of me putting it down. Good luck!
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