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Help! won't eat...

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Hi, I have a 14 year old cat who has not eaten her last three meals. We feed her and our two kittens (7mo.) Wellness cans and an organic dry. She has also recently had a Trader Joe's cat tuna can, but the kittens finish what she doesn't and they are fine. (TJ's pet food was NOT recalled).

Ophelia seems initially interested in food, but will sniff it and walk away. She's also been a little more cranky with the kittens (things had been going so well!) which also leads me to believe that she doesn't feel good (I'm cranky when I'm sick, too).

About 10 months ago, she was diagnosed with Pancreatitis. We treated her with antibiotics and she has since been fine. I know that Pancreatitis can be chronic but can't seem to find too much information on the actual cause. Does anyone know more? I am going to call my vet and bring her in for blood work but would love to keep her off antibiotics if possible. I have also considered going to a holistic vet and having them do a "Metabolic Nutritional Analysis".

She is my baby and has always been so healthy. I just want to keep her that way as long as I can!
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I don't have any words of wisdom for you, but am praying she's better soon!

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I don't know anything about pacreaitis, but you'll probably have the best luck with the vet regardless. I just wanted to wish you good healthy vibes and
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