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Eating MORE

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Our 2 cats are currently fed the recommended amount of dry food and this is supplemented by wet food every night. We've been putting the dry food out in 2 batches, once about an hour after we get up, and the other at 10 pm. At 9:30 we give them their wet food and they only have until 10 to eat it. We were kinda hoping to start getting them to eat their dry food a little faster for when we get a dog so he doesn't steal their food (they're not allowed on counters or tables). However, they started doing this on their own! They're scarfing their dry food (we've raised their food bowls and will soon put golf balls in there to make sure they don't start vomiting again from eating too fast). The only problem is, as soon as they finish that, they start whining for MORE food! We never give in and give them more (though we will make them do tricks to get a treat occasionally). Is there something that would spur this? Should we be feeding them more? We're just going by the recommended amount on the bag and then supplementing with half-can of wet food for their 30 min.
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I am not sure exactly as we free feed Kitters but I am sure someone will be along to help you! There are so many helpful people on here, I am sure you will get some great advice.
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are they eating off of a plate type dish>>>/??

that way you can spread out the kibble

are they eating a "sesitive tummy " food ???
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Some cats do need more, while others need less and will beg incessantly for more food anyway (like my Odo). Are your kitties losing weight? If so, then they probably need more food (assuming they were at the right weight to begin with). Switching from free feeding to meal feeding can be difficult. Because in the wild cats would eat lots of small meals throughout the day, it may take them a little while to adjust.
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they actually seem to have switched it themselves! we've always just added the food at these 2 times a day and the scarfing of the dry food started shortly after we started supplementing with the wet food. They started to gain weight due to the wet food and so we slowly switched their food over to a weight management one, or maybe a sensitive system one b/c Phoebe kept throwing up, I don't remember right now. They were fine on that for quite some time, and have stopped gaining weight (though I don't think they've actually lost any weight).
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