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Introducing Linus, My Newest Addition

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Just had to stop by and introduce the newest addition to my little family.
This is Linus.

Linus moved in with myself and my other cat Sassy on Friday and deciding that the food was good, the litter fresh and the toys awesome he has made himself at home very quickly.
I had recently lost my wonderful cat Flippy after fourteen years and although Linus will never replace Flip he has certainly help me cheer up and help Sassy stop missing his buddy.
Linus and Sassy warmed up to each other very quickly which was surprising there was some growling and hissing on Sassy part but Linus took it in stride and managed to within 2 days to win Sassy over completely.
Linus is 11 months old and I got him from the local shelter. His story is like one of so many, he and his litter mates were abandon in a cardboard box outside the shelter gate last May. So he has spent the better part of his life locked in a cage, a fact which make me very sad and angry.
However he is certainly making up for it now, and spends most of the day tearing around the house, birdwatching from the windows, and playing with his toys.
He's a great little guy and I am very happy to have found him.
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Congratulations and thank you for bringing Linus into your life! He is absolutely beautiful! What a great addition he will make to your life. I am glad Sassy has taken to him, as well.
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Well, isn't he a handsome little guy!!
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what a shame about Linus's early months, but now he has a warm & loving home what a wonderful thing to do ! and great news that he is getting on well with Sassy

Linus looks a real character, you´ll have to take some more photos of that handsome fella

Say hi and give him some chin scritches from us
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Congrat's on your new handsome kitty, so glad he can make your heart a little lighter
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OMG I'm in love he's just beautiful
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Linus, are you not supposed to have a blanket with you, or am I mixing you up with somebody else?
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Hes simply beautiful!! What a shame someone would dump him.
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What a handsome boy Enjoy!!
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He's a handsome fellow. That's wonderful that he and Sassy accepted each other so quickly. I hope he has a long, happy life ahead of him free of cages and bars!
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Awwww, he's soooo handsome!!
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Bless his heart!!!! What a beautiful guy!!!
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When I saw that there was a cat called Linus I thought no cat would be cute enough for that name- I was wrong

It always warms my heart to hear about shelter cats being taken in
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