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I found a lump

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I found a lump under button's leg and another on the side of his leg. We're going to the vet tomorrow but has anybody got any ideas of what they could be? The one under his leg seems to be hurting him a little.

He was successfully neutered last week yay!!!!! He wasn't even grumpy after, straight into cuddling and sleeping on my lap.
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I don't know what it could be, but I am sending hugs and prayers from Mississippi for you and for Buttons, please let us know what the vet says.

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It could just be an abcess or cyst or something, but definitely get him checked out by the vet in case it is something serious. Lots of get well wishes coming your way!
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I agree it could be an abscess. However, I had this with Humphrey last week and it was just a fatty deposit, nothing to worry about.

Humphrey has had an abscess before, it was on his back and it was a raised red lump. He did have to have an immediate operation as his temperature was high, so best to get him checked at vets asap.

Hope it all goes ok, sending positive vibes your way!


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some *&(*&%^&$^%&%(%(^(&^(&**&(*$#@# shot him with a slug gun. the vet said that it wasn't a good idea to take it out as it would probably get infected and he was fine with it in.
What morons. I cant wait to change neighbour hoods.
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Ugh. I don't understand some people. Spot had a BB lodged in his shoulder from before I found him--it showed up on the x-ray but it never bothered him. I kept him indoors the entire time he was with me, and that prevented any future incidents.
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Oh that is terrible! I just can't understand some people.
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Oh my goodness, that is just horrible, I hope he is recovering well.
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A bullet!? What in the world is wrong with people?
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