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A Ruby-Hug!!

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Or - if you say it properly (assume high pitched baby voice) `A Wooby-Hug!'

Miss Ruby isn't much of a cuddler - not like Chester - but she does have one particular hug that is hers alone. She and Max were mucking around in this shot, so she's a bit crazy, but her hug varies. In the mornings she just pops her paws on your shoulders while she's sitting - she gets a special look on her face and you know if you crouch in front of her you'll get a gentle Ruby-Hug.

Sometimes she'll give you one when you're on the lounge and you've had a bad day and she wants to lick all your cares away.

The only time she doesn't lick is during her morning hugs. Then she just gazes deep into your eyes - it's beautiful. But all other Ruby-Hugs are accompanied by frenzied tail wagging and licking all over head, neck and especially ears! She wags her tail during morning Ruby-Hugs too, but gently. But (and I'm serious) this girl wags her tail in her sleep!!

Here she is Ruby-Hugging her Dad...

She's my special, special girl
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Awww. What a sweetie. She is so pretty! Love her shiny coat.
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And she was filthy in that photo too! She is in desperate need of a bath...
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`A Wooby-Hug!' Looks like fun!
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She's so big! That looks like a lovely hug. She sounds like a real sweetie, wagging her tail in her sleep!
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Ruby, if I ever make it to Perth, can I have a hug?
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Oh my goodness! What a sweet pup!!!! Shes adorable! What kind of dog is she??
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She's adorable!
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You better cut it out Sarah. I'll be on the next plane with a disguise for Ruby so I can escape with her out of the country. I love your new Siggy too. How about a video? I'd love to see that tail wagging.
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