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Neighbors, grr need to rant a little!

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Ok so were I live we have like 3 neighbors and well our next door neighbor complains alot! We had our old dog snoop and we put her on the one side of the house, adn for some reason that was a problem so when it was time for her to go out we had to put her on the other side which when she passed we named that hill snoops hill, my dad actually got some birght flourecent spray and spray painted the wall there! But anywho thats when our problem with the neighbor had started, and well he recently got 2 dogs a year or so ago, now he lets them run loose and they bark at everyone and everything, and his dog has actually come out of their yard after my dogs But today when I was sleeping, he had knocked on the door and said "doesnt ur dog kno me by now? he barks too much" Now this is during day time mind u and well cocoa is one to bark at fire whistles and when he sees other dogs in our yard and seeing how their dog tried to bite Jasmine and cocoa retaliated well cocoas gonna bark u know! Mind u our dogs are the friendliest dogs, we hate taken them to petsmart because they love people and they love to jump on everyone and jasmine likes to roll over in front of someone to get her belly rubbed ! But all of a sudden there is problems mind u cocoa and jasmine are 4-5 years old and we have had them since 8 weeks old! So now there is a problem because our dog barks but he can have his off the chain and come after other dogs, and yet we have to walk through our yard to get to the pool in the summer! and well his dogs are right by there (hes on the back street but still next to us) and well his dogs are out at 2 am all the time because i hear them barking all the time! And cocoa gets started u know!!! This is just making me so mad, also he had a truck that was just parked out front and it needed inspected and the cops finally started to make him clean up his things, his yard has a whole bunch of junk and he put tarps on everything! He also has a car that has a bad liscense plate! WE were shocked when we seen the cops up here about all of that! But his mom owns property here and she owns his house so they are always getting away with things So this is going to be one interesting summer I can tell u that! I cant let the dogs out at 2 am because his are out there and they will bark, well uhh my dogs have had this schedule of one last time going potty unlike him who goes out and has them run free and barking all the time at night ecsp late! See we are the type of people who dont bother any one up here its a quiet peaceful neighborhood u know and well the neighbors with a baby dont have a problem with our dogs they actually hold convos with them from the street but now this neighbor is stirring up trouble because our dog barks, and we dont leave them out all day u know what I mean we let them out when they sit at the door and they want to go out! SO I dont understand what the problem is, I just wish I was up when he came because I am the one up late and well could have said about his dogs u know !! Sorry every one I needed to rant a little bit! All the neighbors love our dogs, and well this neighbor seems to cause trouble and has over the years ecs with us! And the one lady who walks her dogs dont like him and is scared of his dogs coming after hers! Also her dog winnie doesnt like him at all and winnie is a loveable dog that loves to watch my house for me so this is all just to rediculous yet funny !! I just wonder whats gonna happen over the summer !! Any one ever deal with a neighbor like this?!
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Yikes! That is no good. I hope things get resolved soon so you don't have to put up with this anymore.
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Don't you wish we could always pick our neighbors??
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I'm sorry that you have a dork for a neighbor!! I hope things imrpove and that you don't have issues all summer long.
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