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Another strange dream

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So I had a strange dream. I was with my father at this lake. There was a thin mist clinging to the water and fog all around us, and for whatever reason, there was a swordfish thrashing about, and undulating back and forth in the lake. My dad motioned me to come into the lake and get the fish, and I followed him as he ran up to the fish and started grappling with it. The water looked deep at first but turned out only to be about shin deep, so I ran in and started wrestling with part of the fish. As I stepped into the water, the mist sort of parted where I stepped and I saw the color of the water, it was red. When we finally subdued the fish and dragged it onto shore, the thing was enormous. It was extremely long, some 40-50 feet in length, but it was all body length, the head seemed like it should belong on a 5-7 ft fish, it's tail was huge. And in that moment of realization that such a thing could not possibly exist, I woke up.

The meaning of the dream seems transparent to me. My dad will help me overcome some great obstacle that will lead to great insight when I find myself lost and in a rage. But it doesn't make sense at the current time, or at all even. Am I misinterpreting the dream?
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Well, i'm not dream specialist, but whatever it is...i'm sure you'll figure it out when the right time comes along From your last comment, it seems like you've already got it figure out for yourself
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