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The mystery of the sticks

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Hi there. Our kitten, Mishka, is about 7 months old, and has been living with us for almost 3 months. She's very affectionate and sweet, but a real live-wire.
She has two sticks she loves playing with, the type with feathers and a little boa attached to the top.
Every night she takes them upstairs and leaves them in the hallway or in our bedroom - sometimes under the bed - and very morning she brings them back down. Each of these incidents is accompanied by a lot of chirping noises, as if she was announcing what she is doing. It's almost like a little ceremony she has to go through.
We assumed that she wanted us to play with her, but this seems not to be the case.
One of the sticks was her first toy when she came to live with us, so we can understand her attachment to it.
Are there any feline "psychologists" out there who might explain this behaviour and what it means, please?
Thanks everyone.
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She's putting her 'babies' to bed. Or maybe using them as pretend 'catches' and bringing them to you (you do sleep upstairs?). Lots of cats (mostly female) have favorite 'mice' and will talk to them, carry them around, etc. like that. I spend my life replacing Pandy's mouse back in her favorite place after she brings it into the living room every day, so she can find it!
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Ah, thanks Larke ! Yes we do sleep upstairs. This morning the green stick was next to my husband's side of the bed, and the yellow one by mine. And yes, Mishka is a female and very much so - a typical little girl, who uses all her female charms to her advantage.
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Zoey will bring her feather stick to me sometimes when I get into bed. As she carries it to the bedroom she meows and it just sounds so funny and cute because she has this thing in her mouth and meowing at the same time.
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Do you have a pic of Mishka with her sticks? Would be great to see!
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Maybe she's bringing you presents!
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When I first adopted Sophie, I bought her a "fishing pole" with a chirping mouse on the end of the string. For a long time, she would walk around the house with the string in her mouth, pulling her fishing pole behind her! It was really funny! Now when she gets it, she lays on top of the mouse so that Mollie can't play with it - Sophie's cat report card says "does not play well with others"!
Let's see some photos....
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