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Dominence? Orrr...?

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Cappy is almost 10 months old now.

Ever since he could walk, he kicked the crap out of his siblings.

then when they left he moved onto my boys. He was small and they just sat on him or walked away. But now they can't do that.

When he was about 5 or 6 months old he gave up trying to beat them all up.. and concentrated on Orion. He'll bite him and kick him, until Orion starts screaming and hissing at him.

I've also noticed since the last month or so that he is grabbing hold of the back of Orions neck and trying to mount him.

Is this just dominence? Cappy trying to become top 'dog'.

Orion was the first cat in the house (came with Nacho), then followed by poptart and gordito. Then Cappy.
I've never noticed before whether there was an 'alpha' cat in the house. The older boys never fight, always sleep together and groom each other.

I just don't know what to do with them. Poor Orion has cuts all over his neck from Cappy biting and scratching.
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I am going through a similar problem with my new kitten, Benson. He is almost 6 months old and we got him in December at 10 weeks old. At first he was very respectful of my 5 cats. They would growl or hiss and he'd go play with something else. I noticed he started getting more persistent once he realized they weren't going to hurt him. He has become a little terror! He stalks them while they are trying to use the litterboxes and chasses them incessantly. My vets and I both think he is the cause of a lot of stress and the other cats urinating around the house. I have been putting my foot down lately. If he gets too aggressive and does not listen to the other cats it's Time Out. I put him in a kennel for a few minutes to calm down. Sometimes if I take him on a walk(in the stroller) or out shopping, he's more mellow when he gets home.I do have the Feliway plugins which help a bit. Luckily he's already fixed. If your boy isn't it's time to take him to the vet ASAP. Just be persistent in correcting aggressive behavior and redirecting him to appropriate toys and get him fixed. It is a process.
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Is he neutered? That is the problem right there if he isn't. If he is then it is just dominence and you should look into Feliway or something.
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All my boys are neutered.

I don't really have $70 to spend right now... so Feliway isn't really an option until I get a job.
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I don't have any info or help for you but wanted to let you know that I hope you find out why he's doing that and hope you find a way for him to chill with the other kittys! Good luck honey!
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