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kitten dying?

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one of my cats had kittens a few days ago and today it started sleeping with its mouth open and head pulled way back so it touches its back.. it just doesnt look right, does anyone know what might be going on?
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I have no idea, but I would immediately call a vet and see what they say! And when you handle the kitten, be very, very gentle... in case his neck is in a vulnerable position. Please let us know what happens...
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I can't give you alot of advice unfortunately, but i would either call your vet immediately or take the mum and all the kittens to the vet's surgery right away. That really doesn't sound right to me. sorry i cant be of more help.
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I have to agree with the above.

Get kitten straight away to the vets.

Please let us know what happens. Sending you positive vibes


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any news on the poorly kitten
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we called our vet and explained what was going on, and he said that we could bring them in for humane euthanisation(sp?) or keep them here so they can die in their nest. for now all we can do is attempt to feed them with kitten milk and hope for the best. 2 of the 5 kittens died and only 1 is expected to live, but maybe we'll be succesful in feeding the other 2..
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Oh Nooo!

I am sorry that must be terrible to watch that happen.

I really hope you succeed with the kitten

I sometimes think vets can be a little cold hearted, I know they see it every day and know there is nothing they can do, but I find it upsetting to hear that sort of comments. I guess thats why I could never be a vet, too sad!!

Take care and please keep us updated


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So sorry for you this must be horrid, poor little things. All you can do is give them love and care, and make their little lives peaceful

Thinking of you
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That is SOO sad... Is the mama cat ok?
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CHANEY if yopu need anything please post here we can all try to help the best we can... I am sorry you lost a few.
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I'm so sorry two of the kittens didn't make it. I really hope the others pull through ok. Sending lots of postive vibes your way.
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What happened to the poor little things? Did they say why they were dying?
I am sending you lots of prayers for the remaining babies.
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Is it possable they are not warm enought try a rice sock or heating pad.
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Has the momma been checked for mastitis (infection of the mammary glands)? That can kill the babies as you described. Is the area around the momma's nipples very hard (or some of the nipples)? If so, don't let the kittens drink her milk, they need kitten formula only. And the momma will get better on antiobiotics, if this is the problem.

Sending lots of good thoughts and prayers.
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