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The new cat tree!

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I'm finally sitting down to upload the pics of the new cat tree I got off e-bay a week and half ago. Well technically it's was my mother who got it....I just did the bidding and put it together!

First, here is a shot of the whole tree. It's 6' tall. I had to stand on a chair to put the top part on! The glowing eyes in the bottom left corner is Olivia peeking out of the box it came in.

Olivia has done the most exploring. She's the only one to go to the top perch so far. Mom and I rubbed some catnip in it and put their food bowls on it to encourage them to use it. (And keep the dogs out of their food!)

I had to put Pumpkin up there and so far 'the big house' is his favorite part:

This is why Olivia likes it when he's in the house:

So far Bunny hasn't put it to much use. I know she will, she's just a diva like that. She does like to be up high, so I'm expecting her to take over the top perch. I took these pics the night I put it together and she wanted nothing to do with it yet and I didn't get any when I was there today so she's not in any pics yet. I'll post more when I can catch her there.
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I love the expression on Pumpkin's face when he's being used as a staircase.

Nice tree though. I bet once they get used to it they'll be tearing up and down those ramps like their lives depend on it.
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look good, wish i had room for one of those
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Originally Posted by theimp98 View Post
look good, wish i had room for one of those

Me too!

Fortunatley the family room at my mother's is huge and doesn't get that much use since we're all grown up now.
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That is a nice tree!! Looks like the kitties think so too!
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How great is that!, and they like it I'm sure my two would love a tree.
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Love the tree! Your kids will go nuts once they get used to it. When I got my tree, I put it together while it was horizontal on the floor. Mollie was very busy helping me and claimed the "house" as her own, even when it was just sitting on the floor. Sophie, of course wanted the packing box! I hope you will post more photos, as they become more comfortable with their new jungle-jim!
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What a great tree...looks like they like it
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I meant to get more pics yesterday, but we stuck to the living room as the family room was occupied by someone who knows it all..... I'll deffinatley try to get more pics next time we go over there!
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Wow, thats such an awesome tree!! My boys are totally jeleous!
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Great cat tree, I know they're loving that! We bought one for my sister-in-law from Ebay. Still waiting for it to arrive. It looks similar to the one you have.
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Cool tree! And adorable cats! Looks like Olivia likes the box it came in too lol!

I'd love one of those trees..mine's is a bit too small for 5 cats now they are no longer kittens! (talk about an out of focus

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That's one nice tree, LeighAnn! Good job with the catnip bait, too!
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good job LeighAnn!!! They will get used to it soon, then they'll be running up & down it at 90mph!!!
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Nice tree! It looks like they are enjoying it.
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I have that same tree and mine love it!

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~Great looking tree. I need some NEW tree's. My cats are very rough on their tree's. Next time I buy tree's I want something unique and special. Anybody have anything that would fit into that catagory? Im searching for my new tree's soon~

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