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Urinating Problem

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We recently got a Maine Coon Cat that my dad got after responding to a craigslist add. He's always wanted a Maine Coon, I guess, so now he has one. She's about (?) 2yrs old, spayed and front declawed. She's a beautiful, and well-mannered cat, but there's been a problem...

When we first got her she stunk REALLY bad of urine, and she was very skinny. We did not know what she was fed before, so I encouraged her to eat what I was feeding my current cat - Eagle Pack. Since then she has gained weight and her coat is improving (after a bath, of course!). The first day we got her she peed on my dad. It seemed unintentional, like she didn't know she was wetting herself. After that, we noticed that she went to the littler box often, tried for a long time, but hardly anything comes out. This has improved, but she is "leaking" or "spotting" all over the basement. She's also peed when my dad has picked her up again, and myself.

The vet said there were a couple options of what it could be. One, a urinary tract infection - he gave us antibiotics to try. He said that should help within 10 days, and we really didn't discuss the other options. It's been over 10 days, and she seems better, but she's still spotting in the basement. I called the vet, and he said to make an appt because its 1. behavioral (which I doubt) or 2. Requires major, complicated, EXPENSIVE surgery.

I was just wondering if this was a common problem, is there anything else I can do, any suggestions, similar experiences ???
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From your description, I doubt it's behavioral.

Did they do a urinalysis?

Welcome to TCS
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It sounds like a UTI to me. It may have been resistant to the antibiotic she was given and she needs a different one. They can be hard to get rid of it. The only surgery I have heard of is for cats that continually get blocked from crystals. That is a problem that usually happens in neutered males.
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Welcome to TCS!

The one thing I would encourage you to do is request a urinalysis. When they analyze the urine, they should be able to tell if if there's blood, bacteria, or crystals among other things. The urine sample will also allow them to tell you if there's still a UTI. For UTIs, I've always been told to give antibiotics for 14 days, so maybe a different antibiotic is needed or a longer course of them.
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have the vet do an aspiration of the urine (needle draw) but also throw out the litter pans and buy new ones. they often associate the pan with pain. be sure you just use plain clay litter. declawed cats sometimes have problems with any other kind. if she is leaving small drips of urine on the floor she does have a uti and needs a vet.
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Thanks for the quick replies!!
I'm going to make an appt and ask the vet to do a urinalysis... and... I guess I'll keep you guys posted
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Originally Posted by Brattina88 View Post
Thanks for the quick replies!!
I'm going to make an appt and ask the vet to do a urinalysis... and... I guess I'll keep you guys posted
Yes, please do... We'd like to hear from you again. Hopefully your kitty will be feeling better soon.
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What about the kind of litter you are using? I have a cat that peed inappropiatedly and after checking for infection I changed her litter to clay not the scoopable. Some cat prefer that. Also change and wash box daily. Don't use soap with a citrus fragrance
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I agree with requesting a urinalysis. That will help the vet determine the problem. Also it sometimes takes two courses of antibiotics to clear the infection.

Do keep us informed. I hope your baby feels better soon. Healthy vibes to her.
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