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Swat! Pow!

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Ziggy is a fierce fighter. I got this picture earlier today... I think he looks cute, if not a little scary.

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Oh wow, I just realised Tobie has the same eyes as Ziggy! The white "eyebrows" and the smudged M on their head!

That's a great pic - his face looks very nonchalant, then you see those claws out ready to attack!
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Yeah, they do come to think of it... I guess it makes sense, Ziggy being Cat Daddy and all. He looks nonchalant, but if you take a good look at his whiskers, you'll notice they're flicked forward... that's his giveaway. He tries to look like he doesn't care, but he can't help himself from playing and his whiskers give it away.
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Yeah I didn't think Tobie had any Ziggy in him (whereas Sofia you can really tell Ziggy's colour and Sneakers face), but you can really see it in this pic compared with your sig.
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I think they call them "spectacles" and Tobie definitely has big ones compared to most cats. Definitely from daddy. Tobie is probably the biggest kitten in the litter, too... he gets that from dad as well. He also got dad's attitude.
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judo chop!!! Ziggy is very handsome, and I never noticed their "spectacles" either!
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Yes photos of ur crew but o my look at Ziggy that picture is just too cute and expressive just like him huh but hes such a cutie
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nice action pic
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Wonderful pic... He's a handsome kitty alright
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you can see he is very serious about catching that red feather - he's a real cool dude
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Obviously, he has a good his markings!
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That's a great pic
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