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Kürşat - My Himmie

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Hi there,
This is Kürşat. He is an Himalayan and 8 months old. I hope you like him. He is very tamed; never bites or cries. He loves to be petted and hold. He loves to sleep on my bed and purrs loudly. He loves eating. He can eat anything and everything for hours. His favourite thing is raw chicken which he is probably allergic to. He loves to dream. When he is dreaming his eyes are quite open and moving, his hands are also in move. Sometimes he suddenly wakes up after dreaming which I suppose he just saw a nightmare. He also likes bathing.

1.Pic - He loves drinking

2.Pic - After the bath

3.Pic - Big Eye Balls

4.Pic - Small Eye Balls

5.Pic - Sleeping
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I flame points!
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What a little lush guzzling that vodka!
He looks like a little drowned rat in that after bath pic (a very cute drowned rat, mind you).
I love the close-ups of his gorgeous face. What a handsome cat.
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Aww you kitty is adorable!!!! And quite gorgeous i might add! I love flame points / Thankyou for sharing your pictures with us
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He is beautiful! And with lots of character.
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Oh my goodness!, what a gorgeous cat he is
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I Himalayans
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You have a beautful cat! He certainly has good taste in his choice of alcohol!
I love the little wet cat photo...what did he do to deserve that?
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He looks precious!!
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Thanks for your words.
He is banned from living room because of extreme hair loss and my new cockatiel. He is so jelous of the cockatiel. He cries in front of the livingroom door when ever he hears me talking to the bird to take attention lol
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Kürşat is adorable!
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What a gorgeous boy!

I love his name
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He is beautiful!
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what a cutie pa-tootie!!!
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He is a beautiful flame point!!! I had a Himi growing up, a blue point named Lapis Lazuli, he had an amazing personality!!
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What a sweet face!
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Kürşat is just lovely and sounds like quite the character!
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