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interesting weekend....

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Well I found out on Thursday that my friend Lura had emergency Brain surgery to remove part of the brain tumor she has because she was having grand maul seizures on a very frequent basis the week proceeding it. So I spent the weekend in Montreal in the Neurology hospital sleeping on a couch and just being there.

I came home to Ottawa at about 4:00 and took my laundry down to the laundry room. I came back up and was changing the sheets on the bed when the cats both went wild. I looked out the window and found that a pigeon was caught in my netting around the balcony. It looked dead wasn't moving and I went out with a plastic bag to take it down and dispose of it.

Well after shaking the net and making some noise I was convinced it was dead so I grabbed the bag put it over my hand and went to grab the pigeon. It started flapping and basically gave me a heart attack.

I ran into the apartment and downstairs to get the night superintendent's apartment number. I went up to their apartment no answer. I went downstairs to the day superintendent who gave me the night SI's pager number so I go up to my apartment to page them. The pager number is a dud. I go downstairs to the day SI's and tell him he calls the night SI. Almost 1 hour later the night SI (who loves on site and was in his apartment but doesn't answer the door) I told him I wasn't impressed and then told him not to kill it if it was possible I figured the pigeon (even though I don't like them on my balcony) had suffered enough being caught in the net for god knows how long. He looked at me as if I were crazy but he got the pigeon down and released it.

I am a Nutter or would you have done the same thing. I would have gotten it down myself but I didn't have gloves and didn't want to be pecked to death.
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You did the right thing Rhonda, and I am soooooooooooo glad you didn't have a heart attack too.
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oh gosh, I hope you friend is going to be okay, lots of vibes for her {{{}}}}}

I might have tried to do it myself, even though I have an almost irrational fear of birds, probably would have been shrieking and hyper-ventilating the whole time but yeah, what a dweeb your night SI is
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I would have released it as well.
Pigeons won't peck you though, they aren't that brave.
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Lots of vibes for your friend OMG
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Yes, I should have asked (duh!) how was your friend when you left? Doing ok?
That's pretty scarey stuff.
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Many prayers going out to your friend.I hope she will be ok soon.
As for the pigeon, that was sweet of you.
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Holy Moly!! I hope your friend is okay
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She had a good day saturday but she had at least 6 seizured today they gave her an MRI while I was there and were waiting for the results. they figure it was probably caused by a bit of swelling left over from the surgery. This is her 6th brain surgery and she is only 34 years old. I am always woried about her. She has been good for several years but I know the prognosis isn't good and I have had 2 people in my family alone die from brain tumors. My cousin Tina was 32 when she passed away and mt grandmother had a brain tumor along with her lung cancer when she passed away in 2005. I am always praying for her.
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That's awful! I hope your friend pulls through and is better off because of this surgery.

As for the pigeon, good for you for rescuing it.
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