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The Cat Scream

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Just after dusk this evening we heard a loud interaction take place - a quick loud hiss, growls and then a scream.

We bolted. As the door is about three steps away from us, we were outside in a flash.

No cats around. Got the food out, shook the bag, clanked some cans, rattled some wrappers, called their names. Generally poked around the places we know they go.

No cats. Came back. Saw Magic (a new kitty you don't know about. Just turned up several days ago. Looks like he might be one of the litter we've been expecting to turn up. He's all black expect a spot of white on his chin and a spot on the front of his toes. Long hair. Beautiful. Just a touch larger than Munchkin.) sitting watchfully up in the woods. That whole area is protected by brambles and has a number of fallen logs - it's their "safe" area.

Just as we were heading inside, a neighbor from a couple spaces up called over to Gary to let him know that he saw a really quick what looked like a fight and two cats took off and bolted down the road. But he couldn't describe the cats at all.

So we went back inside. Concerned.

Heard a low mrrrooooowwwwwwllllll. A low yowl but pretty loud. A sad cat or a cat in pain. ???? That's what we heard. Back out in a flash. Couldn't see a thing.

Got the flashlights out - it was clearly from under the bus, so we had to poke around.

We saw Munchkin - up in some place I don't know how to describe. A beam that goes across just in front of the front tag wheel wells. But structures come down across it - there must be some kind of space in there.

Couldn't coax her out and couldn't reach her.

Came in. Gary headed back out after a few minutes, and with his winning ways got her to come out. Then all the cats showed up. Gary examined them all - no one seemed hurt. He said Munchkin had blood on the back of her legs, but he couldn't find any damange or any place that hurt her. (They all let us handle them now - even Magic, though he's just been around a few days. I guess he learns quick from the others. )

Actually, I meant to say they all showed up except Spooky. We are really, really worried that she is hurt - and perhaps up under the bus, and we can't get at her.

The idea to "smoke her out" occurred to us, but that just sounds stupid. If she can't move or something, then that'll just kill her and ruin our home.

On the other hand, it could have been one of the other cats that comes around occasionally for food - and that cat got hurt by Boog or Julius - but then why would Munchkin have blood on her?

Do we just sit here and wait?
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We just have to get them adopted. That's all there is to it.

We can't leave food out for them anymore. It started attracting skunks and raccoons. And the bear is starting to come back pretty regularly. There are going to be three other people - well - two other people and another couple - staying in the park this Winter (really crowded this year! ). The bear ravaged the bird feeders of the other couple two nights ago.

And the people who own this place (who don't allow anyone staying to have pets ) have two dogs that they let run around.

Maybe it was a dog that attacked. Because Gary was out to feed them again after he examined all of them (he's been feeding them three times a day when we're here, twice when we have to work from the office or head into the city for some reason) and saw one of those dogs. The really bad one.

They're terrible. They're untrained, unrestrained, and obnoxious. They get into people's stuff, the garbage, and are generally a nuisance. We chase them off - when we're aware that they're outside! But there's 240 acres here - fortunately they don't show up too often. But the Park is closed now, and the last of the seasonal-renters packed up this weekend. So the dogs'll probably be here more frequently just because this'll be the only part of the park/farm creating garbage.

Frickin dog.

Spooky may be just fine. She is, after all, Spooky. So if she was scared, she could simply be in hiding.

I hate not knowing.

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Laurie - any news on Spooky? I am concerned for you and the critters! You are doing such good work there! Imagine where all these babes would be without you!
God bless!
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Oh Laurie, that is so scary!

I know you guys have probably already thought of it, but is there a way to work with pet stores/vets in the NYC area with putting up fliers and such? Perhaps you could contact the NY SPCA and tell them of your situation and maybe they would let you bring in Munchkin and Magic (he sounds gorgeous!), and maybe some of the less "feral" cats to a PetsMart for weekend adoptions. I know you have said that the area you live in in inundated with adoptable cats, so I'm trying to rack my brain with options for these little ones.
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Heidi - that's a great idea. There's no PetSmart around here that I know of, but there may be just over the border in PA.

THANK GOD Spooky turned up this morning looking just fine. None of "our" cats were hurt. I'm concerned about why Munchkin had some blood on her, but it does not appear to be from a wound she received.

Despite all the madness going on in our lives right now (intense interviewing, but because we're department heads, it gets really involved) Gary picked up Magic this morning and stuck him and Munchkin in the crate just to makes sure. He saw the Vet while I handled the morning call and pre-market stuff. Munchkin is fine and back home, and Magic is going to be neutered. Probably was already. I can't believe we haven't even had time to call.

I love Gary.
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