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Street fair fun

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As a bit of background, 4th Ave. is a street of funky shops, boutiques, vintage, jewelry and thrift store and bars. Twice a year, spring and summer, there is a 3-day street fair.Four LONG city blocks are closed off, with a double of row of vendors, down the middle of the street, plus all of the shops are open, too. This weekend is the spring one.

Jen and I went and had a ball. She's never been and had no idea of all of the vendors and food offerings available. I came home loaded down with all kinds of nifty things: a leopard-print broomstick skirt ($10), a lavender suit ($3.98), a white summer blazer ($1.98), toy guitars for the twins (one pink, one purple), a tie-dyed onesie for Mia, TWO kinds of fudge, sweet cocoa roasted almonds, garlic and jalapeno stuffed olives, a purple cat eyeglass-holder pin, Dalmatian earrings and a gold-and-crystal hummingbird (for my mom). WHEW! Jen had a Tarot card reading and the guy told her a bunch of stuff, that she already knew. I was standing by, listening and picked up the verbal cues, that she was giving him. Fortunately, it only cost her $2. I would have told her the same stuff, for FREE (and have).

Jen has never had baklava (poor deprived kid) and we split an order of almond with chocolate drizzles. YUM! We settled on Thai food on a stick, for lunch: grilled beef and shrimp. Naturally, street fair/carnival food has NO calories Besides, all of the walking negated any potential weight gain. Now I am hot, tired, sweaty and my feet hurt. All in all, it was a totally fun day. The next one will be around my birthday, in December and I'll be there, with bells on!
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That sounds like alot of fun!! I am glad you guys had a blast, lol..even though you got tired, hot and your feetsies hurt.....

And also sounds like you got some great deals!!
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Sounds like a lot fun! You gotta love a good carnival atmosphere, and getting good bargains.
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Sounds like you had a blast!!!!
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