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What's for dinner tonight???

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We're having tacos. I'm finally feeling like cooking, so i thought that would be nice tonight. (With extra lean ground turkey) and yellow rice to go with it What are you having for dinner?? Feel free to share your recipes!
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Roast and baked potatoes are smelling almost done
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Originally Posted by icklemiss21 View Post
Roast and baked potatoes are smelling almost done
I'm coming to your place for supper!
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We are having Salami, Fresh Mozzarella and Roasted Red pepper Panini's..I got a Panini maker for Christmas
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I don't know yet. My bf has to work until 9, so it'll be a late dinner. My kitchen is too messy for me to want to cook and I haven't done the grocery shopping for this week, something tells me it'll be some form of take out or maybe frozen pizza! Not very exciting.......

But, sometime this week, when the kitchen is cleaner and the fridge is stocked, I want to try making some chicken fried chicken. YUMMMMM! Anyone have a good recipe for coating?
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Just had a grilled cheese sandwich, on homemade bread and velveeta cheese and real butter. Maggie was I shared a little!
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I have no clue!! Nothing sounds good right now. I didnt even eat lunch until like 3:30....*blushes*

I really need to make a run to Wal Mart here this evening and get some more groceries. I will probly just stop and get kids something along the way.
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Baked potato topped with cottage cheese and citrus pepper. Chicken breasts marinated in Teryiaki sauce and garlic. Not sure if I'm going to grill them or braise them in the oven...probably the oven. And a tossed green salad with Asian dressing. Probably a piece of fruit for dessert.
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I had beans and roasted potatoes
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Epona is about to do my tuna steak, purple sproating broccoli and mash
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Just thru a chicken on the smoker at 350 degrees with some nice plum wood and seasoned in lemon pepper, turbinaro sugar and sea salt. I'm making it like GailC did her turkey the other day - backbone cut out and flattened. A big salad for the side.
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I made hamburgers for the kids,with tater tots. I can't stand hamburgers, so I made me a steak and some tater tots.
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We are going out to dinner tonight. I will be having Thai food.
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I'm gonna toss some wihte albacore tuna, baby spinach and tomatoes together, and top it with a teeny bit of mustard and pepper.
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toast, with butter.
hmm maybe i shoulder add some litter for extra favor?
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I just got back from Convention around seven and usually Mom amy sister and I go out for supper after I'm picked up, but Mom didn't even come to pick me up, so I just had a chicken salad sandwhich,
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Chili from Wendy's
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We were on a motorcycle ride and we stopped at a little diner and I had a peanut butter chocolate shake and John had a rootbeer float and we both shared a big thing of cheese curds - that was at like 4PM and I'm still stuffed! Pretty healthy, huh?
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as of right now nothing, I went to the flea market for my usual 2 chicken on a sticks and well when I cant even finish 1 that tells u i am sick which sux because I waited ALL WINTER long for this but I am currently eating a popsicle and if I feel up to it I might make some soup
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We had homemade mac and cheese! my mom makes the best. and some fruit with cool whip.
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I have some ends of pork tenderloin from the other night, that I'll saute with some veg, add a Thai Green Curry sauce, and serve over jasmine rice. Not a lot of fuss and very tasty.
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Pizza, we make the crust and load it with fresh veggies, moz cheese, olive oil crust, and crushed garlic in the sauce.
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Sounds like everyone had some really yummy dinners!
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