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The patriotic-sounding bill is dubbed the “U.S. Troop Readiness, Veterans' Health, and Iraq Accountability Act,†but the subtitle could be, “And Don’t Forget Farmers, Shrimpers, NASA and Other Regulars at Uncle Sam’s Buffet.â€

None of the add-ons to this bill such as shrimp farmers, spinach growers and tropical fish industry have any business being on a bill that is supposed to be for war spending. I realize that this how our government and politics work but it still makes me sick that they just can't vote on individual issues without tacking things that are totally unrelated onto them.

This bill was supposed to be for funding our troops and that is all that it should be about. So much for spending reform.

This bill makes another strong case why there needs to be a line item veto.
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Yes, it is a shame, but hypocritical for the Republicans to be complaining since they do the same thing all the time. Don't know how many weird places they tried to get the Arctic Wildlife Refuge open for oil drilling.

And unfortunately, neither party is "kosher" when it comes to pork in bills.
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I agree with both of you.
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its the normal way they do business now.
Why do you think past presdents have been asking for line item veto?
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