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Strange scabbing on belly.

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We have a FLV+ cat who has developed over the course of his stay at our vet's some very red, very hard scabbing. It does not seem to bother him but it is nasty. He has some hairloss in the area as well. It is ONLY on his belly. He doesn't really bother it. Our vet has been treating it as an allergic reaction, but the standard treatment doesn't seem to be helping (prednisone/animaxx). We had another cat who had developed this same type of thing a month or so back. Our vet eventually performed surgery to remove the affected area and he died afterwards. I have done extensive research and found nothing that really matches up. I can post pictures tomorrow.
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Could it be ringworm? Scabs and hairloss are symptoms I recall and it can just be in one area only too. A cat I fostered years ago had these symptoms.
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That just seems too obvious... This is an experienced vet (20 - 30 years experience).. It's gotta be something else.. Here's a pic.

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Is he still at the vet's? Could he be stressing out being caged up and possibly pulling his hair out? Or maybe it's something in his bedding he's allergic to? Poor baby...that really looks painful! Almost like burns or something.....
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I’ve read on several sites that feleuk+ can develop chronic skin disease and infections. Perhaps one of the members that have had Feleuk positive kitties will know more or verify this.
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Any update???
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