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vegan cats?

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i'm a vegan and i'd like to make the slow switch from feeding my girls meat-based products to feeding them animal-free products. i know that it's possible since i've seen a lot of literature on the subject, but i haven't actually talked to anyone who has done it. if you have a veggie/vegan cat, can you please tell me how you did it and what worked/didn't work? my girls are both very picky eaters and won't touch wet food that has chunks. i bought them some vegan cat food (wet) last summer and they turned their noses up at it because of the chunks in it.
i have done a lot of research into this and i know both sides of the coin (argument-wise), so without meaning to be rude, please do not write back to me in an attempt to persuade me against this. i would never do anything to jeopardize my girls, which is why i'd like to talk to someone who's had success making the switch.
finally, can someone tell me if it's even necessary to feed them wet food - maybe the vegan dried food is enough to maintain a healthy diet. oh, my girls are both about 3 years old and are both very healthy.
thanks for your help.
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hi, stashos,
i wish i could be of some help, but i'm having the same problem as you. i'd like to make the switch, but i've sort of been scared out of it. i know it's possible, and would really like to hear from anyone who can shed some light on this rather controversial topic.
i don't want to feed the meat-based stuff to my babies anymore because of the grade of meat and other stuff that's in there. if it's not fit for human consumption, i certainly don't want my babies eating it (the unfit stuff is what goes into pet food...along with a bunch of other stuff).
i hope someone can help out with information.
steph, delph and josie

p.s. to everyone who helped me when i was trying to figure out a good collar for delph (she gets kitty-achne from regular collars), thank you - i got her a cotton one that was recommended to me by one of you and she's been wearing it, problem-free, for the past few weeks. i am so much more comfortable now, knowing she has id on her.
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Since you don't want to hear the negatives(which far outweigh any good about any vegetarian diet for cats) about a vegetarian diet for cats I will not add my two cents since I have posted where I stand on this subject in the past but I will offer you this. It would be best if you are planning such a drastic change in your cat's diets to consult with a veterinarian nutritionist before doing so and get their advice on a diet that's best for your cats.
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