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Cat Not Eating Today (long)

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No, she has NOT had ANY of the recalled food, so that's not the issue.

My Callie is 11yo and normally doesn't eat wet food, but she does like Purina's ProPlan Chicken & Liver, so I gave her some on Thursday. I think it upset her tummy because she threw up on Friday morning twice, and laid around the house all day, hardly ate anything. She continued to drink water and eat her pumpkin w/ a bit of baby food with her meds in it. Yesterday when I woke up, she had done her normal thing in the litter box (pooped & peed), so I was feeling pretty good about her. She continued to eat well, but only the Royal Canin crunchies which make her a tad constipated and not the SD r/d crunchies I mix with the RC. Used the litter box well all day, drank normal amounts of water, played, was more like her normal self.

This morning, she woke me up at 5am (not normal) purring like a motor boat laying on the bed beside me. Thought she was hungry, so put some food down. She turned her nose up at it. Now, she's not had hardly anything to eat today, tho she expresses interest in eating. Pretty much laying around and not her normal self, worse than yesterday. She's drinking, not more than normal and she's not dehydrated. She's been using the litter box as normal for peeing, but she's not had a normal bm, just a smaller one.

I'm watching her like a hawk and we'll be off to the vet's tomorrow if I don't see a significant change in her this evening. What should I be looking for when we go and anyone been through something similar and can give me words of encouragement?

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Does she feel warm? Earlier this week my sweet Bella did something similiar. She ate normally on Monday morning, but didn't eat much Monday night (wet or dry). I was able to get her interested in one treat, but other than that she just wanted to sleep and drink. She would approach the bowl, but only give a sniff and go back to her sleeping place. Did all her litterbox business as usual, but she was just lethargic and wouldn't eat.

Come Tuesday morning, I knew something wasn't right. The cat that normally wakes me up at 5 am purring, was just lying there in a ball. This is a cat that hasn't missed a meal since she moved in. I called the vet's answering service and got an appt for Tuesday 9:15. I was a little worried about her kidneys and the tainted food, but it turns out she had a fever...poor baby was 105F at the vets. He gave us some amoxicillian (sp?) and she was eating like a trooper by Tuesday night.
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Oddly enough, I had this happen about two months ago. Two of my cats did the exact same thing. I took their temperatures, so I could have information for the vet when I called, ( was also on a Sunday) and sure enough one was 104.5 and the other was 104.2.

I have injectable penicillian on hand..so the vet instructed me to give them each a shot and if not noticably improved the next morning they had to come in. Well the antibiotics were all they needed and they improved right away.

If you can please take her temperature. If it is above 104 that is high enough to consitute and emergency and been seen right away.

I hope your Callie is feeling better soon.
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Thank you. She's not feeling unusually warm, but she did two days ago. Other than not eating, she is alert and watching what's going on, she's just not herself. I'll stop and get a thermometer on my way home. They use one of those in the ear baby types at the vet's so I'll get one of those.

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I checked her temp and it was 100.3º. There's not been a drastic improvement to her condition, so we're going to the vet in the morning.

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This sounds a lot like how this whole thing started with my kitty Zeesa... she's 7 and has developed Hepatic Lipidosis from not eating. It's good that you are going to the vet right away, because you'll be able to nip whatever it is in the bud.

Good luck, sending you lot's of love and hugs...

Amanda and Zeesa
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Sending eat vibes your way...

could she be contipated by too much fiber??
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Well, she's much better, but she's still not eating most of her dry food, so she's going to spend the day at the vet's tomorrow for observation. I'm going to ask them to do a blood panel, x-ray to make sure there's no blockage, and to see if she's constipated.

I doubt she's constipated from too much fiber. She normally has hard, dry stools and is on r/d because of the fiber content.

We'll see what the vet says tomorrow.

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Callie spent the day at the vets undergoing observation. She had bloodwork done, x-rays taken, a urinalysis, and a good check up. The bloodwork has been sent off to the lab and we'll have the results tomorrow (Wed). This means they're doing more extensive and comprehensive tests. She was given a B12 injection and something to settle her tummy as the x-rays showed an abnormal amount of gas in her digestive tract, which I suspected. No obstruction in her bowels and her heart looks good. The x-rays did show 2 teeny weeny calcium deposits in her kidneys, so those will be sent to the specialist for review.

She did eat quite a bit of the food I sent with her, which is good, and she's eaten very heartily since coming home. He sent home a different food for us to try (wet & dry) and so far, she's eaten the dry. Wet food time is coming up later and we'll try that.

Other than that, he was kinda stumped, but could tell she was a little "dull" and not quite herself. If the lab tests show anything abnormal, he'll call me. Otherwise, we go back on Friday for a re-check.

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Stephanie, I am so glad to hear you got a complete work up on Callie. I am keeping my fingers crossed the bloodwork shows the cause of her lack of appetite and that it is something easily treatable!

Please keep up posted. Lots of healing, hungry vibes headed Callie's way.
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