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Heated bed?

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Does anyone know where to get a heated bed in the UK or online? I think Villy would really like it as she seems to love to be anywhere warm (near the radiator, under the bed covers, etc) also, she has a bit of arthritis in her elbow, so it would help if it's hurting her.
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How about just putting a regular heating pad in her bed? They come in many sizes and I am sure you can find one that is just the right size for her bed. Just a thought, that is what I did once for an older cat that I had and she really appreciated it.
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Jaffa has a snugglesafe heat pad which you heat in the microwave and has a fleece cover to go over the top. He seems to like it although not as much as his (my!) hot water bottle. I make sure the latter isn't too hot in case it gets punctured although I think that's unlikely as it has a thick furry cover in it. He loves that because it's not solid like the heat pad. He even lies on it when it's not warm.
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I have a snugglesafe in Spaz's bed, it's in a washable quilted cover and burried in her fleece bedding.
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My mum bought this...


two of her cats sleep on it all the time!
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I bought my heated beds on eBay from debnroo.
I have the K+H 16" Heated Cat Suede Fleece Cup
I also have an oval one from K&H. It might be a dog bed but I use it for Mom and kittens.

It's not easy to get the covers back on the foam forms after washing. A friend of mine bought a K&H heated fleece pad and her senior cat is very happy with it too.
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I recommend the snuggle safe or the beds that reflect body heat vs a plug in
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Thanks everyone, I'm testing to see if she'd like one by heating up a microwave pad that I have and putting it under a blanket.......
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