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Meggy + babies, done for the day :)

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Seems it turned out quite well all and all ..the happy mother resting with the little ones and we got our highres here too
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Awww look at those precious babies and their sweet momma
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What kind of cat/kittens are these?
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Canadian Sphynx
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Wow, that is a large litter! I'm so glad all went well. They are so precious!
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This is the first time I have ever seen hairless kittens! I am amazed, they look so big.
Are they soft? Are they good for people with allergies to pet hair?
They are so royal looking. Congrats

Momma looks so content. She looks like she is smiling!
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Its the first time Ive seen hairless kittens cute! Glad all went well for mum and the babies. I think she deserves a good rest after that!
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soft, warm and smooth to the touch

works for me, I seem to be quite allergic to cats with a full coat of furr
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Wow! Those are, so pink! Different...cute.
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wow look at those little treasures - they all look really well and moma looks real happy and contented too

is there 9 altogether ?

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eight babies all and all so..with Meggy..there's nine
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Originally Posted by Magnus View Post
eight babies all and all so..with Meggy..there's nine
Wow... they are just amazing to behold!

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Heehee! They're little kangaroo kittens! You have to post pics as they grow up!
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They are so cute - little pink angels!!! Meggy is beautiful - she looks exhausted though, poor girly!
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Being accustomed to "haired" cats, that is one of the funniest things I've seen! Those babies are adorable! I, too, would love to see pics as they grow, I've never even seen an adult Sphynx before.
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Such strange little things the hairless cats, id love to cuddle one

They are beautiful!
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Awwwww didn't she do well!! What a bunch of cherubs they all are
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They are so cute. I would love one but it gets so cold here. awww so cute
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They all look so plump and contented! Mom looks like she is pretty happy herself! Congratulations! What is the difference between a Canadian Sphynx and a Sphynx?
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Awww they're cute! Do I count 9? Can you tell them apart?
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I also counted 9 I was wondering how many there was.
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ohhhh how sweet!!! Look at those itty bitty teeny tiny babies!!!
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How precious I hope you post more pics as they continue to grow....
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Done for the day? I think she feels more like "DONE"! That looks like a lot of babies! All the more to love!
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Sphynx, Canadian Sphynx....same thing..just that we have a Don Sphynx also...and getting a peterbald (so called S:t Petersburg Sphynx ) it's a bad habit distinguishing them like that
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