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Serves me right I guess

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After my little crack yesterday about it being so pretty and warm here in Kentucky......87 degrees and still climbing

I've uncovered and cleaned the AC...if it gets any hotter, I'm turning it on

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I didn't think it was that hot but that's cause the weather thing on my side bar says 78 but it feels warmer but there isn't alot of breeze well my only window that opens in my room is small and my dad will fuss if I turn a fan on well besides the ceiling fan he seems to think they use more energy than the ac. But I am tempted to use the ac because I am burning up.
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Wow!!! Its a balmy mid-50's here!! But supposed to oddly enough reach 71 tomorrow!! (then rain for rest of week).
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I've had the AC on for a few days already I can't take this KY weather
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Well, you can always go and get in the cave! Caves always stay at the same temperature.
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no kidding! amazing, it got really nice up here today, but no where near that!
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oh stop lol....your making me jealous. I am cold here (UK) and have just had to go and put the central heating on!
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Turning it on? I've had mine on for about 3 days now.
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Here in ontario we are enjoying our early spring weather. In the last week it's been.....

Snow storm and -10, 4 degrees and everything melts, 17 degrees and thunderstorms, fog bank rolls in, temp drops back to single digits, etc etc etc

The kids don't understand. They think that on the first day of spring all the snow should melt and the flowers and grass should grow! They've been watching too many cartoons lol
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I've had mine on for about a week now
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