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Need vibes

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Ok now I am worried. My OB just called me and said to go to the L&D room they will be there waiting for me to run some tests now I am scared...l He said dont worry... HELLO it is Sunday here I am not stupid. I will post when I return am trying to get the kids all ready now.
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vibes I hope everything is okay, keep us posted.
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SEnding major vibes your way {{{{{{{}}}}}}}

I hope all is well and I'll be watching for your update!
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Maybe you'll have that baby girl today! How exciting! Have an overnight bag ready in the car (carried out there by the boys, of course) ready in case you're in for the long-haul! You do have some family you could call in case this is it, don't you?

Keeping my fingers crossed for you! Take care!!!
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Sending mega {{{VIBES}}} for you!
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Mega healthy vibes headed your way
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Sending hope this turns out to be a false alrarm vibes
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Vibes that everythings fine!! Let us know as soon as you can please!!
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Hoping everything is going fine and looking forward to hearing from you.
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good vibes comming your way - hope all is ok!
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Vibes in your general direction.

I hope everything turns out ok!
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Sending you lots of vibes!
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Sending MEGA vibes your way!
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Lots of vibes heading your way.
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Am back no baby but Am not sure what will happen in gthe morning. I am making a update to send to family also and I will paste it here. I just need a few I am high on caffeine now
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Awww, I hope everything is okay Stay positive
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Ok I am back and well still no answers to anything but I am freaking it..

My BP was sky high and even laying down it was not the best, My urine had ketone's or they where high or something like that am not sure what it means. I had to have a ultrasound down by a tech there.. Well she asked if I lost fluid I said no, She measured it an it is low So low fluid around the baby no clue what it means The placenta looks good but Abby is measuring 34.5 weeks except for her femur which measures 38 weeks like I am and her weight is great 5lbs 12oz. She said the femur is what they measure to get a correct DD on me that measures due April 10th but the rest is last day in April. They know it is imposable because I had a + pregnancy exam August 5th. So that leaves her to tell me that some where along the line Abby is good but might be suffering due to my high blood pressure. So I still have no answers. She is worried that Abby isn't growing properly everywhere she should. She also said Abby is engaged and ready to come out so she feels yes am 38 weeks also. She said she will tell my doctor that he needs to decide if she is better off outside of the womb because he feels am just off on my DD which is impossible. I saw another doctor August 5th to know that. So I go to the doctor at 9:30 and will no more then. I got a shot that stops contractions and when I left I had non. So I am still confused and lost. No clue what to do know. I was told drink more caffeine so Abby will wake up. I don't drink that stuff I drink water and juice that is. Here is a few shots of here enjoy.

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Good Luck tomorrow! I wish I could drink coffee for ya both.
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Awwwwwwww those are so precious!! I keep checking to see if there is any updates.
Low fluid would mean that she isn't peeing as much as they would like(that's what my OB said atleast).Did they tell you to increase YOUR fluid intake? They told me to drink a gallon of water when mine went down to a 4 on a scale of 10.
Good luck!
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That was just it shows I drink alot water is my favorite I drink a gallon or more a day.
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If she isn't waking or active, can you eat some chocolate to jump start her into moving?With mine, orange juice or some pop or some chocolate ALWAYS worked.
Hang in there, soon she'll be out and then you'll be able to get your BP more under control.
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Hope all is well.
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I had the high BP before I got prego it is hereditary. I am worried about the high keytones no clue what that is ..
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Hey there... I hope everything goes well {{{{{{Healthy Baby Vibes!}}}}}} Do keep us posted! I'm drinking coffee on your behalf
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Oh goodness, you will be in my thoughts!

I don't know much of anything about ketones, except you measure them when you are trying to lose weight, and test your pee to see if your body is in ketosis, and if it is, that is good, it means you are burning fat. I have no clue how to apply that knowledge to this situation, just thought I'd throw it out there as that's all I know of ketones. Best of luck sweetie, I'll say prayers that little Abby is juuust fine!
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Thank you everyone I was reading Keytones can be present in GD gestational diabetes. Usually you have non in your urine but if there is some there is a reason. I had it with my 1st son so no big deal but it mean the doctor needs to figure somethng out cause I preeclampsia and hypertension..
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Well we're sending you caffine vibes!!! Hope you drink all the caffine you can and eat some chocolate!! Maybe make some of those brownies you made one night!!!
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Originally Posted by SillyJilly View Post
Well we're sending you caffine vibes!!! Hope you drink all the caffine you can and eat some chocolate!! Maybe make some of those brownies you made one night!!!
LOL u know what I cant it sounds gross now LOL.
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How are you feeling? I'm sure you're asleep by now. I'm keeping you in my prayers that the rest of this pregnancy goes along as smoothly as possible. The ultrasound pictures are great She'll be here before you know it! In the mean time, try to stay off your feet and drink your caffine. I hope it helps!((((((((((VIBES)))))))))))))
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Am feeling ok no CTX because of the shot that was nice but I am so stressed and not feeling well still. I ate 3 bits of soup last night and a slice of toast better then nothing I am off my feet but man the caffeine made me so jittery it was awful. I never drink it so that was hard. only 1.5 hours till I see the doctor and I will send everyone here and update
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