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Hi all, I have a 4 month old kitten who have been diagnosed that she has coccidiosis by my vet, and she had diarrhea also.

She is now on a diet (Hills r/d) and gets tribrissen (a sulfa-medication) She has had it since she was 12 weeks old, and have 3 times sulfa medication. The stool is not totally thin, but she has a rectum that is sore and their is blood in the end of her anus, not in the stool.

The vet says it is normal, but have you any solution I can use. What about diet, have you any other suggestion for me to try?

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Coccidia is a difficult parasite to get rid of because the drugs that are used to 'treat' it do not kill the organism but rather inhibit it's reproduction. Once the reproductive cycle is under control the cat's immune system can kill the infection. This is way it takes so long to clear coccidia up.

As far as diet goes when we have kittens at the clinic who have coccidia we fed them Eukanuba low residue formula for kittens and that seems to help out a bit. There's not much else you can do but make sure she's getting her medicine as directed and keep her on a low residue formula to help firm up her stools. Hang in there, it will evenutally go away!
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So much, I fell better now! She is actually better to day
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I had a rescue kitten with Coccidia. He cried in pain when pooping. It took 3 rounds of Albon, but that finally cured it. My vets said there were some other drugs that could be used if that didn't work. I think one was panacure. If I were you, I would get a second opinion from another vet and would not give up until the coccidia is GONE! Just my opinion..jjc
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You are right it may be time to get a second opinion.

Friday I had a stool sample to the vet and their is till a moderately amount of Coccidia in here stool, and hat was just finish with the Tribisan.

I now got some medicine I have to give here oral and in 4 days one more. It should be a kind of medicine they usually has big difficult to take because they do dribble and spit. But my kitten had no problem with it!

Maybe you know what medicine it is? It is a sulfa also!
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Hi, I like to tell you what is happen with Jasmine, my kitten.

I did remember that I had the same problem with my dog when he was a puppy and the only think that helped him was when I made the food self! I so start to cook, chicken, fish, rice and fiber, and since she has have a normal stool, no blood or what so ever, she is starting to gain weight!!!!

I am so glad I did try that, maybe the fabricate food just is too hard for her stomach!
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