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Good morning, I have had a great weekend.

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How is everyone today. The birds are chirping away today and I slept with my window open. I love spring time. I was hot most of the night and towards the end I only put a sheet over me. But I had my three girls laying on top of me and I didn't really feel well had a slight headache and not sure why because I had just gotten home from my cousins and my sisters. First I went to my cousins and she wants me to come back while she is on spring break and get my drivers liscences and then we went to my sisters and threw my little cousin, my other cousin's daughter a birthday party. We had a blast my niece was running around hugging everyone And we tried to get Brittany used to my sister's rotti but she would run everytime the dog came near her and that dog is a really sweet dog. Her mom was so scared of big dogs like rottis when Britt was little that she is just terrified of them now and won't even give them a chance. We also went shopping and I got myself a new wind chime and a new rolling pin for making biscuits. I have to work today but that's okay if I get my drivers liscences then I am going to try to find a job somewhere's else soon. And I am going to think positive abot the driver's liscence. My aunt went over to my cousins with me and I had forgotten how crazy this woman can be she found some clothes pins the kids were playing with and was running around pinching people with them so my cousin and I grabbed them back and got her back. We took the kids walking in a graveyard, was the kids idea. And they freaked out but not too bad. Their mom hid behind a moselium (sp?) and Josh said where's my mom and Allison, his sister said a goblin got her. And he said well lets go and Allison said what about mom and he said I don't care lets go and his mom popped out and said you little brat you don't care about momma and we were laughing the whole way back. And I also bought us all pizza were were all starving. So all and all it was a great two days off even if thursday night was a bit rough I had the stomach flu or something. Well hope to see everyone soon on the forums. Have a great day and rest of the weekend. Love and Hugs Gail.
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Sounds like a great way to spend your time off!
Good luck with getting your driver's licence.
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